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Thread: The Unknown Lightworker: The Lightwarrior

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    The Unknown Lightworker: The Lightwarrior

    A video containing an article, introducing the concept of Lightwarriors.

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    Re: The Unknown Lightworker: The Lightwarrior

    Very interesting! The description of the Lightwarrior reminds me of Socrates, a role played by Nick Nolte in Peaceful Warrior. It's a fantastic movie if you haven't seen it. The movie's based on Dan Millman's book Way of The Peaceful Warrior. And a very good read that is too.

    YouTube has an excellent clip of it called "People are not their thoughts". I'd add it but I don't have enough posts yet to do so. The movie trailer is okay, but in my opinion doesn't do it justice nor really show that it's more than just a run-of-the-mill story of overcoming the odds.

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