Translated from Dutch
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

With confidence we nourish our minds, which leads again that we have access to our consciousness. SELF-consciousness, we see as our own creative self. TRUST is the strongest inner property / sense that we have, because we go with confidence consciousness, with confidence, we can activate our inner strength. The AIM in our life, to their own first awareness of our 4th and 5th and 6th consciousness awareness to understand. This consciousness ARE already in us, but trust and believe it activate our consciousness.

Self-confidence must be before changes can occur and the smallest bit of hope is enough to start a process in motion. If any man believe in themselves can wake up from that belief more confidence to call, this is also confident AL WHAT THERE IS. More awareness we can only achieve if we are spiritual level and that is something mentally to understand. What we experienced in our own consciousness. We feed our minds mentally, there are no physical problems. The spirit is finely tuned and if the spirit is not the right wise details are given, our spirit spiritual poverty.

More awareness, we can only achieve if we are mentally and that is a logical and positive understanding, not with our heads. IN our heart is our soul and that we ourselves and in our soul that is our spirit. Aware we can not understand with our brains, but in our minds that our spirit is. What we experience and know in our OWN consciousness. We feed our minds positive, there are no physical problems. Our Spirit is a creative creativity and unlimited opportunities. Man stagnating only negativity, there is no trend growth. Everything we do we do for ourselves and therefore we understand that we are responsible for ourselves.

We can not our brain / brains understand consciousness as a brain, only the control of our physical body. If we understand this, we know that we have spiritual knowledge and our understanding is in our minds, we can always expand our spiritual knowledge.

If we can balance our consciousness ourselves beyond our eyes can see, because then we can activate the 6th SENSES. All people together with the source a whole, the Source is not separate from us and we are not separate from the Source. The source has also created mankind. Many people are already in a higher consciousness and this phase is done by non-working old 'facts' are now better understood and also to change and let go. The man was in his evolution process remained behind and this has come because many people remain ignorant, but that veil of ignorance falls away and we now understand everything. This is very important, because non-working old truths and old habits and attitudes that we used to be 'forced' IS a societal problem. We give the government and church and parents and work partner and the debt of our own problems, but they are often our own attitudes and institutions of the past that we still have not adjusted. Some people have problems with the word GOD, respect this, call it creativity LIGHT.

Increased understanding of ourselves a little, but we must remember that many problems are the fault that we have been ignorant for too long, so do not be too hard on yourself, because we all go through the same round. Everyone is responsible for himself, not God or Jesus or parents or whoever is responsible for us, we must do everything yourself. It Is not the religion that we must believe it has to do with TRUST and BELIEVE in ourselves. When did the church and parents and educators still not what we now know, so we must now change everything or let go, because we now know that we are our own boss and must provide for ourselves. We can all change with a positive sense.

If we even knew what we think makes us personally, we would start thinking much more aware, we also know that we think. We create our own thoughts and negative thinking everything we create our own self-HEL here on Earth and with positive thinking, we create our own happiness. So we can all self conscious - or consciousness, and this we know what is good or not working for us and save us all in our mind in our own consciousness and our DNA. An old soul has a conscious awareness and more DNA than an unconscious young soul, so be aware of everything again, then know this saying in our consciousness.

Source: Spiritual Wisdom - Reiki en spirituele artikelen