Some people here think that there is a difference between "physical" and "spiritual" ascension, and that the GA-MCEO teachings focus on "physical" ascension. I am writing just to clarify the GA-MCEO position on this subject. We teach that all genuine "ascension" is a spiritual process, but also that the aspects of being known as the "spirit" and the "physical body" are intimately intertwined through the natural Laws of Multi-dimensional Physics. One, as a spiritual consciousness, can "leave/transition/die the body", but this transition does not automatically imply "ascension". "Physical Ascension", which is complete transfiguration of atomic structure (such as the real Jesus did), is NOT something separate from Spiritual Ascension; on the contrary, the COMPLETE FULFILLMENT of Spiritual Ascension RESULTS IN "Physical Ascension". Genuine Physical Ascension cannot occur without fulfillment of genuine Spiritual Ascension. Further, Spiritual Ascension CAN occur without physical transfiguration, through the process of organic "Bhardoah"/death transition, but only if the entirety of the spirit-essence is freed from the atomic bond to the body following death, a specific process of multi-dimensional consciousness/spirit AND physics that is called "Bhardoah".Some of this information can be found in ancient sanskrit texts etc., as well as within the pre-ancient Maharata Texts of the GA-MCEO.
The GA-MCEO teachings on Ascension are extensive, and illustrate the processes of genuine ascension, as well as the CONTEXT of unified spirit-consciousness and multi-dimensional physics, within which ascension occurs. The GA-MCEO teachings do not negate other teachings of the past or present, but rather show the "Big Picture" of reality within which genuine ascension occurs, which is often hinted at or partially explained in other spiritual teachings. In revealing the actual processes inherent to genuine ascension, the GA-MCEO teachings also expose-by-comparison some of the more dangerous distortions in spiritual-science mechanics that have been historically promoted to deceive humanity from fulfilling its birthright of genuine ascension. We also teach that "all paths are true, and all paths will lead you home to the common God-Source from which we all emerged", the only difference in value between one set of teachings or another is the "experiential path of return to Source" that one will encounter through use of teachings and the ideas the teachings stand for. Simply put, whatever ideas/beliefs we choose to accept WILL have their respective CONSEQUENCE in terms of the organic Laws of Multi-dimensional Physics and Consciousness/Spirit. The genuine path of "Ascension", and the specific natural unified physics/spirit "Laws" this path implies, offer one the experience of progressive, Cooperative, Joyful, Loving,Expansive conscious return to original wholeness and Conscious return to at-ONE-ment with God-Source through "the Laws of Unlimited Return". The path of inorganic ascension, also known as the "path of fall", provides the experience of progressive "survival of the fittest competition, lack, pain and suffering" through the "Laws of Diminishing Return", which eventually culminate in the "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" "Space-dust Return", in which consciousness progressively fragments rather than unifies, but still returns to God-Source through un-conscious de-evolution. The third path taught within the GA-MCEO teachings is the path of "Step-Back", in which a being who was unable to fulfill the realities of physics/spirit-consciousness in a particular lifetime has another opportunity to fulfill genuine ascension through re-entering a cycle of incarnation, through which ascension can again be attempted. From the GA-MCEO perspective, these "3 paths" exist as an intrinsic part of the physics/spirit-consciousness structure and process inherent to the Living Cosmos; regardless of whether one chooses to believe in the reality of "unified spirit-consciousness/physics", this reality simply IS, and applies to everything in creation. The GA-MCEO are returning (again) the lost ascension teachings to offer us the opportunity to remember; they fully and lovingly respect our Free Will Choice in whatever path we choose.
I, Asha, am simply a spokesperson for the GA-MCEO; they contacted me in childhood,progressively educated me, then asked me to serve this role for them on behalf of their desire to return this knowledge to humanity. I have served a similar role with them in numerous other, consciously remembered lives. This work has never been about "ego" for me, nor do I position myself as anyone's "guru", "savior" or "saint". "I" am not important, but the message of the GA-MCEO IS for anyone who really cares to learn about the realities of genuine ascension. Because I have personally experienced the progressive value of these teachings in personal spiritual awakening, I remain committed to sharing these teachings with others, in hope that others may also find benefit. Before ending this commentary, I would also like to clarify something about the GA-MCEO, for it seems that people outside of our workshops think of them as "ETs", and seem not to understand the greater aspects of the GA-MCEO from which these teachings come. Though there are some member-groups of the GA-MCEO collective that are presently in the category of "extra-terrestrial" life-forms, MOST members of the GA-MCEO are what are referred to as Krystar Adashi Adepts...THIS TERM refers to races of consciousness whom have experienced incarnational cycles in the "materialized worlds" of the infinite number of 15-Dimensional "Time Matrices", and whom have completed the organic "re-evolutionary cycles" inherent to fulfillment of genuine Transfigurative Eternal Life Ascension. They have "entered matter" and then "re-evolved in wholeness" back out of matter and into an Eternal State of Conscious At-ONE-ment with God-Source. They are simply teaching what they know works, in hope of reminding us all of what, once upon a time, we ALL CONSCIOUSLY KNEW, and STILL know "deep down inside".
There is no fear in these teachings, there is only absolute love; fear is something we do to ourselves through limited and incomplete perceptions; a good dose of "mindfulness" and "deep looking" can do wonders to help us heal our fears and stop projecting them onto others. The people who have taken interest in the GA-MCEO work here on Earth are simply helping the GA-MCEO to keep genuine ascension potentials alive on this planet; they are assisting to serve the "path of Ascension", while also respecting, loving and allowing people their free-will choice in regard to the "path of Step-back" and the "path of Fall". In so doing, the "more complex issues" of things like organic "star-gates/ascension passages" (which God-Source created as an organic part of cosmic structure, and which ARE the realities in physics by which ascension occurs)are being consciously tended and serviced, so that ascension potential remains alive for all beings on this planet, including for those people who have never heard of these teachings, and even for those people whom choose to attack these teachings. Aspects of the GA-MCEO Ascension teachings can be found in numerous different religious and spiritual traditions from the ancient past, but the "technical physics aspects" of ascension have been systematically removed from the ancient sacred texts over the last 10,000 years. The GA-MCEO honor the truths contained within all traditions,and seek to return the missing pieces through which the truths held in all traditions can once again be reunited to reveal the greater truth all traditions endeavor to reveal.
Regardless of what anyone chooses to believe, there ARE organic "Laws of Physics and Consciousness-Spirit" that govern the functions of the Cosmos, and we ALL exist within the context of these "energy laws", whatever we believe. The concept that "spiritual" ascension and "physical" ascension are "two separate things", comes from the same place of "polarized thinking" that the concept that the "spirit" and the "body" are two separate things, both concepts are simply IDEAS about reality that do not accurately reflect the IS-ness of energy-inter-relationship that is the Eternal Reality of the Cosmos. Not everyone needs to know the details of how the "Big Picture of the cosmos" works, but everyone should have a right to consciously decide whether or not they want to know such things. If the GA-MCEO had not brought their Ascension teachings back to earth at this time, we would all have been denied the right to use our free will choice in deciding our path of conscious evolution, for a valid part of the "cosmic teachings" were missing, and the planetary service work that was needed to keep earth's Star-Gate/Ascension Passages open would not have occurred. The GA-MCEO have enabled us to make more informed decisions, and that is a gift of clarity if we choose to apply it in the "spirit with which it was given".
Personally, I am very grateful to the GA-MCEO for all they have revealed, and to the people who cared enough to learn and assist with the larger issues of stewardship toward Earth's Ascension Passages. Dear people, whom ever you may be, if you "resonate" with the GA-MCEO teachings,then you are welcome to learn with us; if you do not resonate with our teachings, you may "shoot the messenger" if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact that the message still might be worth hearing with "deep listening". To each His/Her own, and may the Eternal Spirit of Truth be with you always. Till Next Time, Namaste, Asha Deane.