Monday, September 7, 2009

Recognition of the likeminded IS a beautiful and is recognition at a spiritual level. They are''vibrations''that brings something to yourself, it is something that other signals there to radiate it and you catch onto it. It is intended that in your own strength will open up because if you want to allow mutual recognition than does, please know who you really are, then you can look also absorb another. This is ongoing, you, the vibrations of your spiritual family by recognizing what you radiate. These are common feelings that you previously already common with each other. This is manifested mainly as someone on the same level of consciousness, like yourself and it will therefore be the same vibration, it is like a magnet to be pulled together. You can appeal this inner confidence that comes from your HEART and SOUL inner feelings and you know that this is done through your own memories, because memories remain.

At present many spiritual / mental family together. In each family are Twin Souls and Soul and Oversoul buddies and this does not mean that they have''partners''and everything is perfect and that the love of your life you've found. You have listened carefully to your soul, it does not the true original partner, it means that from now on you can trust your feelings with your spiritual family and like-minded can continue to grow, so this recognition is necessary, because spiritual spiritual families were estranged from each other. Recognize your own spiritual family means that you have found someone with the same vibrations of your own spiritual consciousness. It can be really nice if you love your life, but you lose no sense, because you can now grow together Now we are even on the Earth. You recognize a friend on the inside.

These recognitions are agreed by your own inner heart / soul recognition and know that one never goes away and it's in your memories. A recognition does not always have to romances, that many think it is primarily a recognition of like-minded''consciousness''and this one is on a spiritual level knowledge and feel good in itself. So recognition is done on a spiritual level, the HIS memories of long ago who ever stronger, it is an inner place of knowing and feeling that this is possible.

Sources: Spiritual Wisdom - Reiki en spirituele artikelen