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Thread: Tantra: the art of loving

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    Tantra: the art of loving

    Tantra: the art of loving

    October 2, 2009

    For years a Thangka hangs above my bed, which I've got a friend when he returned from a trip to Tibet. Samanthabhadra was there with his other half naked female representation as inseparable from their mystical union. It hung above my bed for years and although It was beautiful, I do not understand much about it.

    Tantra, the symbol of inseparability of emptiness and appearance. All is one. We are all one. Tantra, I've read a lot about, heard about, but until recently have never experienced themselves. I thought it was a technical matter by you during sex to orgasm so you remember one of the subtle energy flows could feel rather deeper to surrender to a more animal form of eating together. I must therefore immediately bijzegen that sexuality was something for me, what in this society for many people has become an exchangeable stimulant.
    You can safely say that love in general has become like the list to the painting, while love is the essence of the sex act should be, just like you supposed to be wet when you walk in the rain. I condemn anyone, that his love-making one party wants to aerobics. Everyone chooses his own path. I have that path until very recently walked himself, simply because I did not know better. Just because I was not aware that something else really existed.

    Borrowed knowledge
    Of course I have read about and even written about. Several times because I thought that I had experienced it himself. But compared to the experience I tell you so on, it was a wet wind in an excessive wear granny-panties. And although I share with you my experience, knowledge remains borrowed, something is only your truth as you yourself have actually experienced. Never just take anything, but research all you care about yourself. I personally think it increasingly difficult to lend my knowledge of one another, perhaps because it has again borrowed from one another and all so we tell each other stories we have never experienced, but only hear and say. In addition, the path of another path you never can be. You might like Buddha under a tree sit and wait until you become enlightened, but if that is not your karma, you thirty lives waiting for nothing. It's just not your path.
    Why is my big question to my own experience to Tantra talk. Yet I am infinitely many broken hearts, and injuries gescheeld if I truly authentic story of one another so I had heard a directive in life if I had had with love false or true love had to do. Tantra Sex, while I prefer to give themselves to the divine call to love, is one of the many paths that directly lead to enlightenment and God.

    When two lovers, each other during sex give pure love, there comes a moment of fusion. It is a deep blend, all ego and individuality disappears. By full surrender to the other you become one together. That produces some accumulation of energy that love God, the universe, all forces of nature flows through you go along. The force that generates energy can be compared to the birth of a child. It is a primal force that is beyond anything. You as an individual does not participate, but it happens through you.

    'Sex Tantra is a path to enlightenment, which makes the ground vibrate under your feet and humbly make you intensely for the inhuman power of the universe "

    When two people come together and the intention is to give love and closer to their own divinity to come than this does happen. Of course it is much easier when two souls already a high degree of awareness have acquired. For how conscious you are, the more impurities you have left behind you and the closer the comprehensive approach you will and can. It is not something you consciously think before you ( "so now I and the divine to flow through me"), it is a miracle that happens to you.

    Supernatural experience
    The intensity, energy and power is so great that if you yourself do not total surrender, you can also scorch your wings. The orgasms are innumerable and of such power that if you yourself are not quite what would give you would be afraid of. It is a supernatural experience and after the total union, you feel a big pulsating force field. The total energy your body takes over, there is some strength in you that you are the contours of your body and you no longer feel particularly calm and deep breath do not want to catch a burst.
    It is like a bungee jumper. They can not say halfway "so I think it is too scary, but just not now." It can therefore only but pure love, devotion and in total confidence. When these elements all come together and two are one, then rises to a healing energy. Both the two people who undergo it, as what they give back to the universe, because what they received because healing is pure divine love, now as a transformer of all pure and flows through them.

    And whether I am enlightened? I would like. Because I've had the privilege to have experienced this with someone who is totally aware, I have him as a window to use. In order for him to look at who and what I really am. It is pure love and light. It is an energy that flows through everything and everyone going, we just are not aware of. And because it is so grand and comprehensive, I tried again to analyze and understand, so I saw my self again drove off.
    Paramount to understand, would automatically lead to separation, because only you can connect your heart to be associated. But the ego can understand. I said my ego, a journalist. I want the scientific approach to my mind, the only instrument in your body can feel nothing, but can only register, pass. It can not produce authentic and certainly not matters of the heart to understand. So the ego is running overtime, because if it does not understand something and would surrender themselves to, then dissolves the ego and you are enlightened. And your ego, but anything will do everything to resist against them. Especially when your whole life the brain as you consider your main compass.

    Love as mirror
    Why tell you this now? Not to brag about it to like you very much to meet in the world where it is about awareness, enlightenment and the highest. In this world, people want more than happy to show how special and spiritual they are. But remember so well that if someone is talking about, it's ego on the floor. I would just tell you this because it is so important to your soul and body not to make sales. If you love, do it with all your soul and salvation. Do not grope through their mouths lovers who say they love you, but in their hearts know nothing of unconditional love. By you to these people, you'll just go from home, go to your light away.
    Do not be seduced by pretty talk "you're so beautiful ',' you're so special," "you're so spiritual", "you are my big love. Feel who and what someone is. Ask what his or her intentions with their lives. Question to what extent his or her consciousness developed. And if it is still early days, or a deep wish or desire for it to develop. Love can be a wonderful journey together. You can flip your ass. You can mix your blind spots and pitfalls to see and discover. If you love each other unconditionally, you can display them to consciousness and, as it is for you to play in your karma, also enlightenment.

    Be careful with the most beautiful piece of yourself. It is also the most vulnerable. And although you want to believe that MTV gangbangs, pimping and bought his love affairs that has the belong as baggy jeans and bags from Chanel, I just tell you (from experience): these are all lies. You have the truth, although buried deep within yourself, but you are the light, you are love. You're worthy to be loved, cherished and respected to be. Make sure also that if you treat others. And they are unconscious and unable to do so, let them not even come near you.
    Yesterday a friend gave me the book Tantra, the supreme insight, written by Osho. In it I read: "Modern physicists say that no matter exists, that all matter is merely an illusion, in the core there is only power, no matter. When you become an orgasm this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, but only energy waves, you are a dancing energy, vibrating you. You're no longer limited, your pulse does, but without substance, two people as an experience than an orgasm with the universe and the divine drops down on you ".
    Maybe it's all hocus pocus to you. You might say, "but throw in my hat." But once you've experienced something which you first knew about the existence of disagreement, then your eyes always open, you see who is in you is knocking at your door. Then you wake up. On my way there and I hope you encounter.

    Mabel van den Dungen
    Extra boekentip: Love, the way of sex for love


    Sources: www.happynews.nl

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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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