Dimensions are a tricky subject. Being down here in the third, the lowest dimension, we have the most limited view of the whole gamut of dimensions, we are behind the thickest veil.

So some of us have talents, where we can pierce through dimensions from time to time, however, we still see through a glass darkly.

Appearances can be deceiving.

I think it is safer to talk about "Realms" than dimensions.

The reason is that in the realm of the 4th, the realm of the 5th, the realm of the 6th, there are many levels.

There is not just one level like there is here in the 3rd. There are different vibrational frequencies within each realm.

So some ET's may tell us they are from the 9th dimension, or 11th, or 12th, when in reality they are in a particular pocket of the 4th, 5th or 6th. My understanding is, that all ET's that are communicating with earth, regardless of what dimension they claim to be from, are in a pocket of the 4th, 5th or 6th realm which are the true 4th, 5th or 6th dimension. Beyond the true 6th is the spiritual realms, these are the realms that are beyond duality, beyond the need for ET technology. These are the realms of ‘heaven’ where it is clear that all life is One.

I’ll share my understanding of each dimension below (skipping the third for now):

4th realm / dimension = Astral realm / Emotional realm.

It is the realm of illusions. Where as we have a collective reality here in the 3rd, in the Astral, everyone kind of truly creates their own reality based on their own beliefs and illusions. It is very dangerous for many people to travel in the Astral because the illusions there seem very real and it is easy for us to get trapped in someone else's illusion. The only way to travel safely there is to be able to see completely beyond the illusion and know at all times this is someone else's, or another group's illusion. Otherwise we come to believe it is reality, which it will certainly feel and look like, and essentially we are stuck in someone's dream.

The Astral is the emotional realm. Each of us has an emotional body there. Our emotions come from this realm. We are often controlled by our emotions, such as fear, lust etc. Mind control is done in the emotional realm, are emotional bodies become controlled.

The lower levels of the Astral is where demons live, false God's hang out and it's not a place you want to visit! My understanding though is that these areas are being cleared out and it won't be much longer till they no longer exist. That's because there is a big cosmic clean up under way.

5th realm / dimension = Mental realm.

Have you seen star wars? Although this may sound crazy to many, my understanding is that Star wars happened in the mental realm. I'll take that one step further. The star trek thing is also inspired and also to one degree or another happened in the mental realm. (Creation is massive here, many many stories playing out). The 5th is vibrating a lot quicker than it is here in the 3rd. So a lot more can happen in terms of space travel, 'force powers', technology, alien races etc.

You have a mental body there in the 5th. This is 'the thinker' in you. It is a wonderful part of you, but it is a trap to get stuck in the mental body, for example, scientific materialist generally are stuck in their mental body. The mental body should be a tool for you, but you are more than the mental body.

Most ET’s that claim to be from higher dimensions are in a pocket of the 5th. However, a select few are in the 6th, the Etheric realm.

6th realm / dimension = Etheric realm / Identity body.

The higher levels of the etheric are basically heaven on earth. The team of heavenly Beings has headquarters in the Etheric all around planet earth in their mission to help free the people from the bondage that they unknowingly face here. You can see some inspired pictures of a city in the Etheric on this thread: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=16747

It is important to note that there are fairly advanced negatively polarized beings in the lower levels of the etheric.

Here you have personally have your identity body. This is who you think you are. Much light will get trapped here as long as you think you are the ego, rather than realizing that you are the I AM. When you change who you think you are from the ego, to the I AM, it is your etheric body, your identity body that shifts and much more energy, light can flow through.

Some humans embodied, such as Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama, are currently enlightened to the Etheric level, to the 6th. They are inspired, non-dualistic Beings that are holding the balance and are helping people move higher. They have overcome their egos. However, they are not yet enlightened to the level of the spiritual, to the level of the Christ, and it is now time for Christ Beings to be born here on planet earth. The Christ level is the true 7th, the beginning of the spiritual realms. Once you are "One" with your Self that resides in the spiritual realms, you can do the works that Jesus did, only greater works than these you can do.

7th+ realm / dimension = Spiritual realms / Realms of Being / I AM realms.

The 7th is the first level of the spiritual realm. This is the realm that your higher Self resides, some call it your "I AM Presence". This is 'heaven'. Here lies the freedom.

All of us are on different evolutionary paths. We are not all meant to ascend to the spiritual realm in consciousness or at the end of this embodiment. Some of us are. Some of us are meant to stay in the material realms for a much longer period of time and continue to raise up the material realms from within. Some of us are meant to ascend to the spiritual realms at the end of this embodiment, or the next one, and then continue our evolution from the higher realms.

All of us are meant to come up higher Now. We are all meant to surrender some of our illusions and become more focused on benefiting creation outside of us than we are on our own separate selves. This is the "Ascension of the earth" that people talk about. It's not about the whole earth ascending to the spiritual realms. It is about the earth and it's inhabitants Ascending to a new 5th. In this quickened state we will much more clearly see our interconnectedness with each other and with the infinite within us. We will be able to access the power within for our needs, such as food, healing, power, creativity, love, wisdom and more. It's not about moving into a static state, it's about moving into a state where we are constantly learning, adventuring and becoming more because of it.

So my understanding is:

The lower levels of the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions are all in a very highly dualistic state. There are negatively polarized Et's, and beings, in each one of these areas. All the material realms are in duality to a certain degree at this point. The higher levels of the 6th, the etheric realm, is however kind of like heaven on earth and have transcended duality to a large degree.

The spiritual realms in the 7th and above, are beyond duality. When you connect to your own higher Self in the true 7th and above, you are connecting to your God Self. These are the realms of pure Being where there is only Now.

The realms beyond the 7th are far more diverse than what we see as diversity here on this planet. That's because each co-creator there has access to the creative powers behind all of creation and is constantly expressing their own divine individuality through creating. They have bodies, but they are light bodies, meaning they are more pliable, they never get old, never die, they can travel great distances and are expressions of various qualities of infinity.

So when Jesus says "I and my father are one", he is saying "I and my Self in the spiritural realms are one". He has transcended the egoic identity in the 3rd, 4th (emotional), 5th (mental), 6th (identity), and moved into the state of Being that is found in the spiritual realm. I and my "I AM Presence are One".

The same goes for Gautama Buddha. "I AM Awake". The God Self that Gautama really was became awakened here in this 3rd dimension. Gautama had purified his higher material bodies and was enlightened to the reality of who he is beyond the material realms, who he is in the spiritual realms.

This is the goal for many that are embodied here today. To be the second coming of Christ by raising their consciousness to the level of who they are in the spiritual dimensions. It is then that the energy and light will flow from who they really are in the spiritual down here to who they are in the 3rd, in the material.

Right now the average person uses only 5-10% of their brain. That is because there is so much illusion and ego blocking the way of the light that resides in the spiritual. At each level, etheric, mental, emotional, physical, some of that light is currently blocked, until we are only left with 5-10% of the life energy to express here.

So when we have purified our physical body, emotions, mental body and we have remembered who we really are in our identity body (we are the Christs), then we will have 100% of that light flowing through our brains here in the physical. We will be beyond the apparent limitations we face here in the physical, beyond duality, and we will bring forth the true solutions that are required for humanity at this time. Because we will be one with the higher Self, who is One with the infinite. We will be an open door for solutions from the infinite. We will be in the world but not of it. We will be beyond duality in the state of perfect balance between power, wisdom and love and we will express our own unique divine individuality here in this world of form.

Nothing can beat the Living Christs. No power elite, no weapons, no mind control, no armies, nothing. And we are not going to have one or two Christ Beings, we are going to have 10,000. This is going to shift the collective consciousness into the Golden Age.

The real question is, are you going to be one of them?