Are you waking up in the fourth dimension and do not know it?

We are on the verge of an amazing transformation here on the Earth. We are in the
very beginning stages of a transformation that has never been done before,
anywhere else in the universe. We are in the process of merging all dimensions into
one .Our directive is to merge all dimensions as one inside of our physical Gaia
bodies and also within the planetary reality, we find ourselves in.
I ask again are you waking up in the fourth dimension and do not know it? What I
mean by this, you may ask. I have been in a deep communication with the planetary
consciousness that I chose to call Gaia. She has been telling me how we are not
ascending out of the third dimension but merging all dimensions into one. The very
first stages of this transformation is to become aware and awake on all dimensions,
at first individually and then to merge all dimensions into one. I am in the very first
stages of waking up in the reality of the fourth dimension. I have not moved from
the third dimension to do this, but have become aware and awake on both
dimensions at the same time.

How can you tell you are in the fourth dimension?
• Are you constantly seeing numbers on your digital clocks, such as 11.11,
10.10, 12.12 etc?
• Are you thinking of something within your mind and then seeing the answers
or the confirmation of your thoughts in your outside reality?
• Are you seeing others reflecting your inner processes, as if they are you?
• Are you moving in and out of fear and not knowing why?
• Are you experiencing strange body feelings and illnesses?
• Are you seeing other people change as if they are possessed?
• Are other people trying to stop your process?
• As you move into the fourth dimension there are codes that will come
from your outside reality to trigger your awaking. The very first of these are
the phenomenon of the numbers. Are you beginning to see these number
codes, such as 11.11, 12.12 etc? This is a game coming from the interaction
between you and your soul and you’re outside reality. This does not freak out
the rational mind, when you start to see this phenomenon, but it will call in
question, “just what is going on?” This is a game, you can ignore it if you like
and think it is only coincidence, but it will continue until you cannot ignore it
and have to question, why am I seeing this? There is a lot of information
within these number codes and for some of you; you will come to understand
this. However it is not necessary for all, as not all of you are code masters.
However you will not be able to deny that this phenomenon is making you
question your reality. This phenomenon will make you become open to
synchronisation. We are programmed in our rational minds to not believe in
synchronisation and to believe it is only coincidence. Our rational minds are
controlled by a matrix, which lies over the planet; this matrix prevents us
from accessing our higher selves and transforming our perceptions of reality.
However it does not matter how locked in this matrix we are; this number
phenomenon can get through, to activate our awaking. When you begin to
see this, breathe deep and allow the energy, which comes in these moments
to anchor into the cells of your body, this will help activate your d.n.a. This
will begin a process of awaking within you. The rational mind will want to stop
this process as it is programmed to do so. Do not allow your rational mind to
fill you with doubt or fear; do not stay a slave to this brain function. Our
whole world is ruled by this rational tyrant, it is time to free you from its
limits and confines. Free yourself from this rational prison.

• Are you walking down the road, thinking about something to see a
truck go by with an advertisement on it, which contains the answer to your
question? Let me give you an example. I had a new boyfriend and he lived in
Egypt and I in England. I was thinking how I will continue this relationship as
we live so far away from each other, not only in distance but in culture and
rules too. I was sad as I was coming to realise that I would have to end this
relationship. I walked into a shop to see a poster on the wall, with a picture of
a heart on it and the words “Impossible love “. Or are you thinking about
something to turn on the radio and to hear the words of the lyrics of a song,
giving you the answer to your question? Or do you turn over the channel of
the TV, to hear and see the presenter talking directly to you. I know this all
sounds like insanity as many in mental hospitals report these kinds of
phenomenon, but this is a direct symptom of moving into the fourth

• Are you experiencing shifts in your emotional state, such as suddenly
feeling sad, or angry? Then are you seeing others expressing these emotional
states as if they are reflecting to you, your emotional and mental state of
mind? The reason this is happening is because we are mirroring our emotional
and mental condition outside into our outside reality in order to see it more
clearly. When this occurs, breathe in the words “Truth “and then watch what
the others do. They might cry, they might express anger, or laugh. Do not
see them as separate to you, but aspects of your inner self, which is in the
process of healing and transforming. The energy of “Truth “will allow a
healing to occur and as they feel better, so will you. We are all mirroring each
other’s processes. You may also see this in television programs. Do you
suddenly get the feeling you are a character in a soap opera? Watch with the
idea you are not separate to this character and allow it to bring you healing.
Many new age people say that TV is bad for you, but if you watch with this
concept in mind then it can be a great healing tool.

• Are you suddenly moving into fear and do not know why? Fear on the
fourth dimension is so much stronger than it is on the third. On the third
dimension we have survival issues, but for many of us in modern times these
no longer apply. On the fourth dimension fear is so much more powerful and
can have a crippling affect on your body and self. Are you suddenly feeling
waves of fear moving over your body? This is because you are becoming so
much more sensitive to other people’s emotional states on the fourth
dimension. Other people will not be aware they are in fear as they are asleep
on the fourth dimension, so you are feeling it for them. In these moments
again breathe in truth and allow it to clear this low frequency from your body
and theirs (as in truth there is no separation between them and you). Do not
always think the fear you feel is yours, look for another source, you will often
find that the most powerful people on the third dimension are in fact holding
the most fourth dimensional fear in their bodies, which they are simply asleep
to realise. Do not move into blame, do not speak out to these people that
they are in fear, as you will be talking to their third dimensional egos and
they simply will not understand and will be angry with you. If you need to talk
to them, talk to them inside your head and then watch their reaction on the
outside. If you want information about such phenomenon, talk to them in
your head and then you are talking to their soul and not their egos.

• Are you feeling strange body feelings and then experiencing strange
illnesses? This is the body’s way of talking to you, to tell you something is
going on. When energy moves near you on the fourth dimension, it can make
you sick. You may experience tingling, hot and cold rushes, sickness, and
diarrhoea, numbness of the arms and legs, or heaviness in your muscles. All
of these symptoms can be the affect of another’s energy on your body. It can
also be the bodies’ way of transforming negative low frequency energies from
the body, as it moves into the fourth dimension. Do not run off to the doctors
straight away but instead move into meditation with your soul and ask it to
come into your body. Breathe it in as if it is in the air around you. Breathe it
into the areas of your body, which are producing the symptoms and allow
your soul’s energy to clear them for you. You are processing low frequency
energies from the fourth dimension. This is your job as a transformer on this

• Are you seeing other people change as if they are possessed? Now this
can be the hardest and the most confusing of all the above. This has been
happening to me a lot and I thought I was going mad, as when I talked to
these people about their negative behaviour they had no idea they were
acting in this way. And to make it worse others present also cannot see them
acting strange or unpleasant. They are being possessed by an entity, which is
fear. On the fourth dimension fear has become an entity in its own right.
When you are in this higher energy, it brings this fear energy in, to anchor
into the body of the other people. It will move them to act and behave in
strange and sometimes unpleasant ways. This can be a little frightening. This
fear entity wants to harm you and bring you also into fear so it can stop your
process. Fear wants to stop this process of transformation and will go to great
lengths to stop you, and bring you back into the third dimension. If you are in
fear on this level, your body will activate survival codes and these codes will
bring you back to lock you in the third dimension. So when you see others
reacting to you in a negative fashion and then later they are nice to you
again, just know they are not as awake as you, and will have no memory of
their behaviour. As is often the case with possessions, the one being
possessed will have no memory of themselves being possessed by this fear
entity and will not have any memory of their bad behaviour. Do not allow this
to make you paranoid, you are not going mad; you are simply waking up and
seeing how others are locked in the illusion. Soon they too will be free and
will experience this too, and you will be their guide as I am being yours.

• Are other people trying to stop your process? Are you really happy and
feeling one with your soul, only to have someone point out to you your
negativity or put you down in some way? This is because they are not
comfortable with you taking them up into a higher energy. They like to keep
you locked in the third dimension, as this is where they are comfortable. They
will make you drop in vibration and become like them. Do not blame them for
this, they are not awake and this is a way of survival. There are many who
are locked in mental hospitals because they were too happy, too manic. It
was not that they had the problem; it was the others who were not
comfortable with them radiating a higher energy. So they give them drugs to
bring them down, and make themselves feel more comfortable. Are you
realising something amazing about yourself or the universe, maybe even
talking to another about this, or just on the verge of a great healing, when
the phone rings or there is someone at the door. This breaks the connection
and the flow and brings you crashing down back into the third dimension. This
again is the fear entity at work, it can prompt others to disturb you and bring
you back down into the third dimension. Just notice, do not allow this to
disturb you too much but realise you must be getting somewhere, if fear is
wanting to stop you in this way.
The fourth dimension is so full of illusion; it is hard to really know what truth
is and what is not. Always go with what you first think and feel; do not allow
others to disturb your process. No one knows better than you. Do not run to
others for confirmation, as if they know better than you. Do not give your
power away.

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