One day on Earth…

Empathy is a notion designating a mechanism through which an individual can understand
The feelings and emotions of another individual.
The ability to identify yourself to another and to feel what he feels
His feeling and in particular his suffering and distress
An emotion much bigger than beliefs and differences
That unables us to enter in the perceptions of another, to feel his fear, his anger , his tenderness
To temporarily live his life and to move into it with care and without judgement
To look for common points before the differences
And there are always more common points than differences
The essence , the heart and the soul
The human warmth is when you offer yourself without expecting anything in return
Simply share so as not to spoil a life
And to help those that don’t have that ability
And despite all difficulties keep that force , that will
give a heart blow to those who need it
Just a litle attention
And give the right to everyone to exist
A feeling much higher than instinct and the food chain
A feeling that unables us to take care of another
And to share the litle we possess
And to help each other to keep warm
Or to protect one another
Be able to share happiness, tenderness, protection and complicity
We all need human warmth
We all need affection and to feel at home amongst our brothers
Despite appearances without ever trust the outside look
Without ever mind language
Because it is something invisible to the eye but that is not without fragrance

Final definition

Science has proved that the difference between man and animal was exactly empathy
Homicide …
Iniquity …
I am well aware that with this video I invite some to question themselves
But to question oneself is to put oneself in command of one’ s life and to realize we
Have lost the foundation of humanity
Actually speaking of empathy .. between men or between animals ?