In this message, Harold W. Becker shares Life is a beautiful interplay of imagination and manifestation. Known in other ways as feeling and thought, feminine and masculine, yin yang, each requires and adds to the other. In an amazing dance that allows us to create and recreate our world, these energies continuously merge into each other to form a union that brings wholeness to our expression. Inspiration held with determination is what creates our physical experience and when this process is conscious and balanced, great manifestations result that benefit all. For more please go to

He continues Identified simply as our feminine and masculine aspects, these forces combine to make up our innate creative potential. Although often exemplified by our gender, we must take care not to confuse this strictly with being male or female. Both of these potent energies are a natural part of each of us and provide the very mechanism for our ability to exist. They are our right and left brain functioning as one, with love and logic in perfect harmony.

For millennia, cultures have held a fundamental focus and tendency towards the masculine aspect having dominion, where physical manifestation is at the cost of suppressing our intuitive, holistic, and imaginative, feminine energy. This ongoing and increasing imbalance has formed a great rift from our once splendid ability to create with wisdom, universal vision and magnificence.

Thus we find many men using their will to make things materialize regardless of cost to the whole, while subordinating their feminine equal into roles that ignore and trivialize the nurturing and imaginative aspects so vital to life. Likewise, many women deny their ability to fully realize their creations in manifest form and perpetuate the dilemma of subservience to male domination.

In recent times, we have born witness to a re-awakening of the feminine energy. For many females, this has been a necessary reclaiming of their goddess energy or divine feminine, which in reality is their embracing the fullness of both aspects essential to manifest, including the masculine will. In men, however, we often find confusion and frustration as this loving energy begins to percolate throughout their existence. They are beginning to feel once again, and yet with so few examples as to what this means, there is a tendency to remain in the only perspective they have known for so long.

Life always seeks balance. With an increasing awareness of cause and effect, we are quickly seeing that what happens in one part of the world instantly affects the whole just as our thoughts and feelings work together in our personal experience. We are coming to realize that it is up to each of us to embrace our true creative potential and ensure that we balance the feminine with the masculine. Nowhere is this more evident than with the men who have been constantly using their unbridled will without regard to consequences.

It is time for the divine masculine to emerge through love. What does this mean? It is a wakeup call for each to embody their highest potential of masculine energy. Rather than perpetuating an imbalanced approach to creation that ultimately leads to destruction and chaos, it is our distinct opportunity to embrace and express our integrity, honesty, dignity and compassion. It is allowing the rising feminine energy to blend with our masculine to make enlightened and loving choices. By consciously acknowledging and incorporating our imagination, intuition and feelings, with courage, strength, and an open heart, we birth a new world where love, wisdom and power are always in balance.

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Harold W. Becker is Founder and President of TLF and is the author of various books including, Unconditional Love An Unlimited Way of Being

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In Defense of the Divine Masculine

So much of the new Age movement is heavily invested in connecting us with the Goddess, The Divine Feminine and the great mysterious power of our feminine energy. I'm not saying that this isn't a good idea, however too much of a focus on just one aspect without its polar opposite results in an imbalanced perspective.

The truth of the situation as we go hurtling towards massive transformation and change on our amazing planet, is that we absolutely do need to recognise and allow for the emergence of the magical feminine energy. This is our link to the creative aspects of the Source, the Universe or whatever you wish to call it. However, we also need to enable and support the transformation of the current expression of the masculine into its Divine, higher expression. One cannot exist without the other, and what our deepest self wants is the harmonisation and transformation of both.

The ideal would be to release the inspiration and spiritual connection of the Divine Feminine from its subjugated slumber, whilst engaging in the alchemical transformation of the masculine to enable the realization of mankind's deepest dreams. As long as we deny either one, we will find ourselves adrift in a polarized situation that serves neither ourselves, nor the greater good of humanity. As the Light needs the dark in order to be recognized as light, so too do we require the active presence of both masculine and feminine in our life.

The Divine Masculine

Here the authors discuss what they believe are the differences between a warrior ("man psychology") and a hero ("boy psychology") :

A divine Warrior is a protector, not an invader. He creates a safe environment in order for the people to thrive and grow. He defends his territory, which could include the whole earth, from destruction and exploitation. He is also an Inner Warrior, doing good battle with his own ego and psychology, fighting to strengthen his own divine nature against the inner forces of chaos and vice. Our eco-warriors at the front of battle, including tree-sitters and environmental lawyers, are doing this battle. Spiritual warriors like philosopher Ken Wilber use their own strength and fortitude to discover the truth that includes everyone and everything, leaving nothing out.

The Hero is, curiously, part of Boy Psychology. The Hero looks like a man, but is really a boy attempting to become a man. He journeys out to save a damsel in distress or fight a dragon to prove himself. His ego seeks acknowledgment and praise for being a hero. Military officers are most often heroic types, and consequently can rationalize destroying a village in order to save it, as Lieutenant Calley did in Viet Nam. Most film heroes are of this ilk. Rarely, we see an example of the mature masculine in films, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, or Seven Samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 film.