The following snippet is from David Icke's forum:

A christian wish list:
I "DAVID STEPHEN DEAN" of address "156, Moo 5 (Thanachok), T Sansia Noi, A Sansai, Chiangmai Thailand, 50210" send this message to the "Good Christians" of the "United Kingdom of Israel" and all surviving "Good Christians" around the rest of the World, who believe in "God my Farther" (from now on known as "God", or Father) and "Jesus Christ his Son" (from now on known as Jesus Dean, or Jesus for short)".

Please read the following copied from the internet. This will give you some incite as to what has gone on over the centuries. I have not altered any text in the following quote, so any mistakes "Will" show[....]

[...]"The following practices and any associated equipment and substances."Will Cease" after the "Publication" and "Reading" of this document. God "Will" know when you have read this document. You "Will" receive a warning, should you attempt to carry out any of these activities. After this warning you "Will" receive punishment."

1. "All" Gambling.

2. "All" substances used in the manufacture of Cigarettes and Drugs.

3. "All" Markings and Graphics, associated with the mark of "Satan".

4. "All" Gay and Lesbian activities.

5. "All" forms of Prostitution.

6. "All" sexual activities, other than with the "Female" human species "Will" cease.

7. "All" sexual activities with "Children" under the age of consent, or "forced" sexual activities "Will" cease.

The following "Will" happen, from the time of "Publication" and "Reading" of this document and until such a time as "God" and his "Son" has settled their business with "Satan" and "Their" "New World" has been established (GOD wil be watching!).

1. "All" water "Will" be "FREE" and cleansed of "Poisons" made and used by "Satan" and his "Followers". (this "Will" be provided) Water from "TAPS" anywhere in the world will become "SAFE" to use as drinking water. If there is no tapped water, water will be provided in areas near where you are.

2. "All" fuel for Cars and Energy "Will" be free. (this "Will" be provided)

3. "All" food will be Free. (this "Will" be provided)

4. "All" Monies "(Gold)", "Stolen", by "Deceit", from "Gods" people, "Will" be returned. "Never" will any of Gods people be "Hungry" or "Sick" again!.

5. "Taxation" of "Any" kind will "Not" be paid by "Gods" people after the reading of this document.

6. "All" weapons of war "Will" cease to operate.

7. "All" Police and Governmental establishments will cease to operate.

8. "God’s People" "Will" carry on working "As normal", until such time, the "Seveth Trumpet" has sounded. God "Will" be watching.

9. "All" existing food that has been modified "(by Satan and his Followers)", injected with "Poisons" (without Gods people knowing) and "Not" fit for "Human" consumption, "Will" be removed.

10. "All" weapons of war "Will" cease to operate. Any flying objects still airborne "Will" be allowed to land in a safe position before being immobilised and made "safe".

11. "All " Devices and "Poisons" inserted into "Gods" People and his Creatures "Will" be removed.

12. "Any" Persons attempting to cause harm (by the use of any other objects) to his fellow brother "Will" be punished.

13. "All" food used for cooking that has had "Poison" added "(by Satan and his Followers)", and not fit for "Human" consumption , "Will" be remove.

14. "All" Cameras used for "Spying" and "Monitoring" of "Gods" people "Will" be removed.

15. There will be "No" escape for any "Humans", who have knowingly colluded with "Satan" and have the blood of Gods "People" on "Their" hands. God "Knows" who "These" Humans are.

16. "All" banks "Will" be kept open by existing employers until such a time as the "Seventh Trumpet" sounds. These banks "Will" be kept open for five days every week. Paper money "Will" be provided and made available "Free" for God’s people to purchase necessary "Uncontaminated" equipment for everyday use and Human care. "All Humans" will be "FREE" from "SLAVERY".

17. "All" Communication Systems, and TV "Will" be made "Safe" and "Free" to use.

18. People "Will" not be allowed to purchase "Any goods" not deemed necessary, or purchased as a result of gluttony. These goods will not be needed in your "New World". (God "Will" be watching!) (You must understand that alcohol is "Safe" in moderation, "Over" indulgence "Will" lead to health problems. And a "Shorter" life span "(You have been warned!)"

19. "Any Natas" attempting to "Eat" "FLESH" from "Gods" "Christian People" or his "Creatures" "Will" be Destroyed "SLOWLY".

20. A "Safe Sanctuary" "Will" be made visible to all Humans for safety on the sounding of the "Seventh Trumpet" "Please "DO NOT" rush to these places, as there "will" be plenty of time. Do not use any form of transport to get to these "Sanctuaries". People with children "Can" use pushchairs etc; However these must be left outside the place of "Sanctuary". Do not enter these places of "Sanctuary" until the "Seventh Trumpet HAS" sounded.

21. "All" Luxury "Toys" purchased by the "Elite" through "Deceit" "Will" be "IMMOBILISED". God "Knows" who these people (and their toys) are. These people "Will" be made "Safe" and "Dealt" with at Gods Pleasure.

The following "Will" happen on the "Gregorean Calendar" date "Greenwich Meantime" of the calendar month from Midnight "23TH of August 2009".

1. "All" Flying objects still airborne that have been used as Flying "Gas" Chambers and "Lethal" Gas spreading devices "Will" Cease to Fly. They will be cleared of any poisions from time of publication of this document and continue to fly. "ANY" flying objects still airborne "Will" be allowed to continue safely until such time as they have landed at their destination and made "SAFE" on the ground. They will not be allowed to be used again.

The following "Will" happen, from the time that all accepting Christians have made their vow to God their Father.

1. "All" Gods people will be cured of any illness suffered from Poisoning inflicted by "Satan" and his "Christian Followers", on Gods People.

The following "Will" happen, following such time after "God" and his "Son Jesus" have completed their work in removing SATAN, and during the transfer to your "New World".

1. "All" Living "Humans" and "God’s" "Creatures", who have been inflicted with injury, caused by "Satan" and his "Followers" "Will" be cured (God knows "Who" these "People" and "Creatures" will be).

2. "All" "Unnecessary" creatures "Manufactured" and "Introduced" on Gods Planet Earth, by " Satan" and his "Followers", causing "Pain" and "Suffering" to, "God’s People", "God’s Creatures" "Gods Vegetation" "Will" be removed.

3. "All" "Gods" people will be given "Extended" life to compensate for the pain and suffering caused by "Satan" and his "Followers".

4. There will not be "Any" further "Floods", or "Earthquakes" that have been intentionally caused for the intention of causing "Death" and "Destruction", generated by "Satan" and his "followers".

5. All necessary "Equipment" from this "Age", "will" be transferred to "Your" "New World" and "Gods" "Promised" Land.

6. A "Safe Sanctuary" "Will" be made visible to all Humans for safety on the sounding of the "Seventh Trumpet" "Please "DO NOT" rush to these places, as there "will" be plenty of time. Do not use any form of transport to get to these "Sanctuaries". People with children "Can" use pushchairs etc; However these must be left outside the place of "Sanctuary".

7. "All" people "Will" be able to both Speak and Write fluent "English".

8. Please be aware! During "Your" transfer to your "New World" certain physical changes to your bodies will take place. Please do not be afraid. All Humans will still have the same sole as before. You will still recognise your families and friends as before. You will all be cured of any diseases infected on you by "SATAN" and his "FOLLOWERS".