Sun Mar 6, 2011 1:08 pm (PST) By Deborah L. Zeta

As you strengthen your intuitive perception, you are able to perceive more of the gridwork of potential reality threads that extend in all directions from your present moment. These threads have the power to carry you into fifth-dimensional timelines. Many have been glimpsing and experiencing these realities for some time. To make them more solid in daily life, one need only learn to "tune into" this energetic gridwork.

Reality threads exist along a gridwork at all points along the spectrum of one's energetic potentials. Some points on the grid are adjacent to the present moment while others are further away. The stronger your intuitive perception, the more clearly you're able to perceive alternate reality threads. The greater your alignment with your subconscious or soul, the clearer your intuitive perception.

During times when your mind is calm, clear and still, you may receive glimpses or flashes of intuitive knowing that illuminate entire segments of the gridwork of your potential realities. These glimpses provide a frequency to home in on when fine-tuning a potential into physical reality.

Expanding into New Sectors of the Gridwork of Potential Realities

The more open you are, the more likely you are to expand into unknown reality grids. It is within unknown, uncharted territories that you encounter alternate realities imbued with new ideas and inspiration. In order to bring anything unique and original into being, you will need to allow your consciousness to explore new sectors along the grid work of potential realities. When you explore your own consciousness and open to universal realities, you are more likely to encounter new inner territories.

Your highest potentials exist along new and previously unexplored reality threads. When you allow your consciousness to open to these new threads, you begin to expand into fifth-dimensional timelines. The alternative is to continue to retread old realities.

Once you set your intention to explore the gridwork of new potential realities, the path ahead is revealed to you in dreams and in waking glimpses of intuitive insight. To assist this process, cultivate and practice inner listening. It is by listening within that you're able to hear the small, still voice of your soul. Stilling your mind is the basic building block for everything else. If your conscious mind is chattering loudly, you will miss all the important messages your soul is sending you.

Strengthening the Connection to Inner Knowing

To energize fifth-dimensional timelines, cultivate a strong connection with your intuitive knowing. There is that part of you that always knows the path to high-vibrational realities and will guide the way if you ask for this and are awake to the nudges and signs your guidance sends you.

Within fifth-dimensional timelines, you follow the path of least resistance and allow life to unfold easily and effortlessly. You'll always have a vision in place, downloaded to you through the doorway of your intuition. On your way to realizing this vision, you're able to flow easily and effortlessly toward your goals. Simplify the steps and bring your visions to reality by observing the flow of the universe. Align with this flow rather than swimming against it. It is the human mind that convolutes reality, not the soul and not the universe. In nature everything flows according to divine timing and a natural flow. And so it is with fifth-dimensional timelines that bring us into communion with our natural potentials of love, harmony and inner peace.

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