The 12 gates of the soul

November 16, 2009

What is the purpose in our lives? How can we make full use of every moment? How do we get the best out of ourselves? The twelve gates symbolize twelve insights that help us everyday life into a spiritual adventure. Dan Millman shows that every man has more potential and talent than he used. By going through the gates for one, we come to better understanding of ourselves and our surroundings.

This will strengthen your compass, leading to greater vitality and better health and helps in finding a solid financial base. Moreover, it increases your compassion, your perspective and your sense of humor, so you get more loving relationships with others. Spirituality begins on the ground, not somewhere in the sky. The twelve gates are the stairs to our soul.

Port 1 - Explore your own values

How smart, attractive or talented you are if you tend to undermine your efforts and your relationships overturn if you doubted whether you are worthy, or against you. Life is full of gifts and opportunities. You can pass them with open arms and enjoy when you know your real value in, and happy with yourself as much respect and compassion for yourself can bring to others as you would give. Discover your own value, it frees your soul!

Port 2 - Your will is yours

There lies an untapped power within you: the power of your will, your soul, your heart. It is a force that no indulgence in adversity. Just keep in mind what purpose you have come to Earth, what a perfect ideal that puts you into the sky, into the depths of the ocean and up the stairs to your soul. There is a strong will hidden in you, who simply wants to be expressed.

Port 3 - Activate your body

Your body is the only guarantee you your whole life with you will keep. It forms the basis of your earthly existence. Activate your body enriches your life by allowing all human possibilities increases. When you lack vitality, there is nothing more important, when you're healthy, is the whole world opens.

Gate 4 - Good money management

Money is neither God nor devil but a form of energy. Money can, like love or fear, serve or hobble down depending on how you manage. By clarifying your goals and your talents to use, you can acquire a good income with something you likes, and meanwhile meet the highest calling of your soul. When you use your money wisely and properly share your material and spiritual wealth with the rest of the world

Gate 5 - Tackle your thinking

You see the world through a distorted window beliefs, interpretations and associations. The world is a reflection of your thinking. If your thinking is clear, go simply to see the reality as it is. How you experience life, and what does that say about your perception of the filters?

Port 6 - Trust your intuition

Under your daily consciousness is a consciousness, like a shaman as a child, weaver of dreams, the guardian of instinct. In your subconscious are the keys to treasure rooms filled intuitive wisdom, clear insights and untapped power. You have nothing else to do but watch, listen, to trust and to pay attention to dreams, feelings, intuitions. If you're not on your own inner sense that you can rely on or trust?

Port 7 - Accept your emotions

Emotions are like waves at sea, or the storm clouds in the sky: they float and clear away. You can not master your emotions by a focused, strong-willed action. So you are not responsible for your feelings, you are solely responsible for your reaction to it. Accept your emotions fully, let your feelings are what they are. Just make sure that they do not define your life.

Port 8 - See your face fears

Fear is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Fear is like pain, but also strengthen and advice about your life and reduce shadows. Fear appears in many guises, including "I'm not interested, 'or' What do I care about?" or "I can not." You are daily faced with fear: you're afraid that your failure, fear that you are rejected, even afraid to be yourself. Your fears are not walls but bumps. Courage lies not in the absence of fear but the overcoming of fear.

Gate 9 - Light in your shadow

If your child was pure potential, and very satisfied, open and authentic, compliant and powerful, sweet and naughty disciplined and spontaneous, a barrel full of possibilities. When you have bigger parts of your being divested which were contrary to the prevailing norms and values. You created false self-images and were 'sister' but not 'so'. These hidden opposites play a role, just because you do not see can hurt you. With your shadow in the light you'll turn back across, and real. The energy you ever needed to defend your self, is free, and gives strength, understanding, humility and compassion.

Port 10 - Accept your sexuality

Sexual urges and desires for a discharge, food, life for you as natural as the clouds in the sky or the waves on the sea. If you are the driving force of your impulses are suppressed or exploitative, creates obsessions, obsessions and guilt laden with secrets. Life is not about to concede the life energies or they displace, the point is that you observe them, accept with wisdom and good jobs. Celebrating your sexuality means accepting that you are human.

Ports 11 - Get your heart awake

The great secret of life called love. Love transcends fear and isolation, leads you beyond superficial sentiments to mainland unlimited. Love is not merely of words and feelings, but from acts of an individual I, beyond reason and motives, the acceptance of all people, things, circumstances. Affection starts with small things, with moments of insight and humility, your real desire to love the band, the one that awaits you on the inside of the door to your heart. You're not here to make contact with your higher self, you are here to be your higher self.

Port 12 - Servant are

Service is an attitude based on the recognition that the world has supported you, fed you, taught, tested, whether you deserved it or not. Understanding this simple truth can encourage you with everything in you to express the boundless gratitude you owe. Service is both a means and a goal, because by giving to others do you open yourself to love, abundance and inner peace. You can not serve others without elevate yourself.

Source: The Twelve Gates to the Soul.

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Author: Dan Millman.

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