On the way home
Saturday, February 21, 2009

We are on the way in this New Time to liberate ourselves from the illusory reality of the duality to return to the unity of life. That return will allow us to know ourselves and our backpack to experience literally and figuratively in the light should continue to be aware and let go. In love can all be transformed and wholeness can be achieved. In addition, we male and female aspect in ourselves fully to recognize, it should heal pain with love, to full integration of both parts to come.

The Christ Consciousness, this whole making for unity with all that is made. With the insights gained on our journey in life we learn his true nature, the spiritual laws as a guide to take and go back to life. The love of Christ helps us to heal and liberate us from all facets of illusion and duality. Love is the single strongest force in order to overcome everything and us free from all anxiety related emotions and entanglement. Through the Christ back into ourselves, we can recognize our true nature, our higher self again and remember their place.

This means that we recover all our divine capabilities may have deliberately and creator of our lives, our reality. This road is for each man to play. Once we have chosen the separation of the light to experience the game of duality on earth. In this separation of our light of love we were the opposite, the dark, to experience. The freedom of choices brought us in many situations where we both the role of perpetrator as victim arose. Together with other souls we played the game and we created groups of souls with the scenery of our lives. On the way of light to the darkness we became increasingly isolated and in an opposite of love, fear.

We forgot who we really were and thought we were the personalities that we had adopted role. We went in our self-created illusion world believe and lost more and more. In this way we rugzakjes to experience filled and we can see and experience what it means separation from the light and love life. We have to learn that a man without love is capable of. We can behold the world the consequences of the behavior of people and the world as created by ourselves.

We have our separation God outside ourselves, and the different currents of religions have this argument only, and us as humans nietiger and betekenislozer made. All this in the context of power and life of the male aspect. Now there is another evolutionary time has come, in which the game of duality into the 3rd dimension is terminated and we to a higher consciousness in the 5th dimension can grow. This is the era in which unity and love again central. The oppressed women will be reinstated and help us both in balance. This will make the road back from darkness into the light start and every man, every soul, his choice this way back in store.

Our awareness of this fact and we open up our own truth, the major change in ourselves to take place. The change that every human being in this way from the inside does have its impact on the collective consciousness and subconscious and reality will change to the higher perspective of the 5th dimension reality. We can connect again with father / mother God that no longer outside us, but connected with our true self. We can our earth and cosmic connections and back into use. We can oerkracht mother earth, also called the black madonna mentioned again recognize in ourselves and allow us to feed. As part of the whole as we melt into unity in love with everything and we are as it were reborn as a cosmic being.

Returned to that unit in the Christ Consciousness, we return to our capabilities and we can divine in a human body as God create everything we want. We can create heaven on earth to learn and happy and free to give us life. In this way we can the earth's paradise is repaired by the choices from unity and love to be born. This huge operation takes place and now we can all raise awareness of the possibility of use for the light "and the illusion of darkness under eyes. Acceptance of the dark as light as part of creation brings us closer to the light. Conviction, reject the dark or suppression of the manifestations of the dark lead to greater excesses and separation of the light. Everything is good as it is. Without struggle, the light all darkness away if we do all the right want to see.

The creation, the divine plan is perfect and beyond any doubt or considered elevated. In perfect union should be perfect acceptance. Then the miracle of rebirth to a cosmic man pace and love will prevail

Source: denieuwetijd