A message from James Gilliland

The Sixth Night, Karma and the Reaction..

There are many prophecies concerning the times we are in such as a major shift and end to the old world. We are getting flooded with emails asking what is going on. People are having trouble sleeping, waking up at four in the morning on a regular basis, feeling major mood swings along with compressed time having trouble keeping up with the accelerated energies or learning process. There is no doubt a shift is occurring. Upon talking with Ultradimensional Beings they make it very clear the old world is ending and a new one is taking its place. A major influx of consciousness and energy is flooding the grid and the old grid is falling apart. Karma is coming home to roost increasing exponentially and all that which is hidden is being made known. I wonder how many people can truthfully look at them selves in a mirror and feel good about what they see. Feel good about their life, how they interact with others and nature. Ones own conscience is restless and the more one has to hide the more restless one becomes.

Everything which is out of integrity with the soul is surfacing and those who are not in touch with the soul or aligned with their soul purpose are going to have a very hard time adjusting to the new energies. Some will fall apart mentally, emotionally and physically because the origin of dis ease is just that, dis ease or stress. As the energies quicken and accelerate exponentially you are going to see change on every level. You are going to see karmic backlashes, industries and institutions disassembling as well as nature's role in ending an era of lies, deception, genocide, and actions out of harmony with humanity and the Earth. Before the great fall the regenerate humans, astral beings and ETs will do all they can to create chaos, separation, and power grabs in a heightened competition eventually becoming their own undoing.

There is nothing that can stop the awakening and healing process, resistance is futile yet certain factions are pulling out all the stops to try to maintain power and keep humanity enslaved through dependency. The use of scalar waves, psychotronics, chemical and biological weapons,"Chemtrails ," tainted immunizations and a massive propaganda campaign of fear will escalate. Those who are willing participants in any of these activities will have a severe price to pay in the future. There is a saying the error of omission is still a sin. The denial and complicitory actions that create pain, suffering or loss to others still have karmic repercussions no matter how one tries to logically validate actions. This is one of the causes of the nightmares and sleepless nights yet there is another cause as well. It is the influx of the higher consciousness and energy. So before you flip that switch with the exotic technology, before you spray the heavens with toxic aerosols, before you jab that needle in the arm of your patients, and before you sell a worthless piece of paper or enslave others through contracts you know they cannot fulfill take a long breath and know karma is real.

This includes the exportation of war and weapons of war. You are not serving God or Country you are building karma, a reaction and perpetuating hell on Earth, the very planet upon which you and your family live. Something to contemplate in the remaining days. Now is the time to act with impeccable integrity in service to humanity and the Earth. Rise up and find the courage to do what is right. Fear is how you were enslaved and by conquering fear you will be free. Be well.

James Gilliland