Somebody showed me this interview (I skipped the meditation and music part). I don't know Allan, the Bridging Heaven & Earth Show or Patricia Cota-Robbles but found that the information given in the interview resonated with me.

Patricia Cota-Robbles presents herself as a spiritual teacher and states that her information is not acquired by the process of channeling, but as it sounds similar, I still posted it in this category (please don't take offense).

Here's excepts of what spoke to me:

The collective force of our consciousness is the most powerful force on the planet. Connecting to the divine intent. To be an instrument of the divinity.

She talks about manifesting abundance, manifesting heaven on Earth. When we rise from an experience, we pull everybody else with us.

Making every day a call creates an opening. In order for something to manifest into the physical plane, the light has to be drawn to the divinity in someones heart who live in the physical plane. We can be that instrument.

Now, there are millions of people drawing light into the planet. She states it is a very scientific process: energy, vibration, consciousness. We have reached the critical mass of awakening lightworker consciousness.