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Thread: Year of the Light Part 1:

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    Year of the Light Part 1:

    Year of the Light
    Monday, February 23, 2009

    The universe will also be a journey to the source first. In the history on your planet you experienced only a single exhalation of the universe resulting in shape and learn of its potential. Now you will start reversing the process, you discard the illusion that the physical source and the major life cycle to breathe.

    Please note by Ans Corbee - Spiritual Wisdom.

    In the Year 2009 you will more focus on your inner world instead of the outside world. This is a huge gift, because most people in the primitive world as a source for their welfare, however, saw what an illusion.

    Last year was the center of a 9-year cycle (2004 - 2012) in which the soul is integrated. You are now on a deeper inner journey with you to your Being as the source and life as it really is, in a mature manner experience.

    This year you will find the cycle of manifestation, in which life as a non-related experience was seen reform. The physical structures of the human will this year also largely collapse.

    In the first four months, the depths of the dark shadows rise up and what the depths of the inner essence stuck will come to light. This is necessary for you to support and to provide clarity so that you are able the true source of life from inside to outside.

    The universe will also be a journey to the source first. In the history on your planet you experienced only a single exhalation of the universe resulting in shape and learn of its potential. Now you will start reversing the process, you discard the illusion that the physical source and the major life cycle to breathe.

    You will now transform the lives and the inner and invisible to see if the source from which you are creating.

    The 3 periods of four months of the year on:

    Out of the Dark Shadow - the first four months. Inner Change - you deeper into your inner source and enter where you look at everything you have brought to light. Commencement of restructuring Form - in which many old systems collapse.

    Nature will make the first four months in all areas to see how things balance. Most people on the planet you have no relationship with their inner structure and because you are forced to look inward, it may initially fearful experience. It may very well appear on that spot "nobody home". You will also be aware of things you have long tried to avoid.

    This process will begin when you Dark Shadow returns. There is an Archangel with the name Lucifer, meaning "light bearer" means that your planet is so misunderstood. Lucifer is the most beloved Archangel of God, who chose the Dark Shadow of energies of the planet to keep until you are ready for the responsibility for transformation and integration of everything that was out of balance you take. That time has now come.

    The Dark Shadow is now returned. It has already begun. During the last months of 2008 saw you, for example, clearly the collapse of your economic structures. It is necessary that you understand that this collapse occurs mainly to the light to what is out of balance, so you can adjust your choices and balance and unity on the planet can stimulate.

    Everything takes place in cycles. Something can not continue to move in one direction. The whole situation stems from a source and then back here. Because we realized that this time of tremendous upheaval and transformation of the soul light, we arrived during the last two decades in your personal process and help you to understand how the cycle of healing can work. This light illuminates everything with which it comes into contact, this is what you get to experience.

    The light that penetrates your planet, has a revealing influence. Because the dense energies these new levels of light are encouraged to move there is now a huge place away from the light ... and is trying to balance and more incentive to make more advanced choices. Something that you do not previously have experienced on your planet.

    This is mainly due to a new level of energy, known as the Photon Belt, Solar System you enter. This energy is faster than the speed of light that you have experienced. The Earth has not yet been fully achieved. It has some planets to the outer edge, and it directly affects. Scientists wonder why these planets began to glow or light uitstraalden. This will, in the next three to four years on your planet also take place.

    Will in this period on an unprecedented way up and speed. The extremes that now held only a first indication of what will come. Wait till the Photo Belt your planet Earth inside ... Use this time to yourself so please be prepared for.

    Come out of the Dark Shadow
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    UHF JUNKIE UHF Moderator Rank ricklbert's Avatar
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    Re: Year of the Light Part 2:

    The initial period of four months, a time of his come. You can already see the influence of this period. There is much more visible imbalance both in individuals and in companies and organizations. Many organizations, such as major banks, depending on who you are, the imbalance visible.

    You will see that many things revealed by the influence of light. Some things will be fine. Some can be frightening. The Dark Shadow is the part of your consciousness that was denied, for which no responsibility was taken or where nothing was done. This part has most influenced your life. The more you deny it the stronger it gets.

    When the truth of who you are oppressed and avoids the stronger, you control and keep fear. There is much denial in terms of where you are in the last 2,000 years of co-opted.

    You have you over a radius of consciousness, you look at ideals and duality of opposites set developed. As you developed your Shadow Hand combat and reviewed parts of yourself with your right and wrong.

    Let us say that you are keeping your life and you decided gum paper or other waste on the ground to throw because you did not know how to get here in a different way to take responsibility for. You think it's over and that no one responsible for this will take. The Shadow usually walk behind you and collect all parts of yourself that you have condemned, suppressed and tried to avoid, instead of taking responsibility for.

    It is the place where all parts of yourself that is not included were stored. These parts of yourself have a very hard place where they need support, developed and can be integrated as key parts of your Being. The stronger these parts have denied based on your previous education and mass awareness, the stronger is the feeling of anxiety that you've built up so you more are going to deny.

    It is necessary that you realize that your feelings hurt your first feelings were that you avoided and that they should reverse back into your consciousness with a concept that NO feel is threatening or humiliating. You must realize that you are simply raised for these feelings to be afraid and to avoid so you could adjust, others could satisfy the increasing embarrassment for yourself could compensate.

    This is in ever more extreme forms come out. You are now at a point where you ended up where you avoid the Shadow, the whole earth could destroy. The Hierarchy of your planet has, however, worked to help you do this in a gradual way to integrate. Last year, the energy on your planet restructured to be easier for you to make this last part of your essence ... so you integrate an awareness of your wholeness can create.

    In the first year of deepening this process you will a Dark Night of the Soul in which you experienced the imbalance in your life directly to face. This will make the process more realistic and fast way to start. In this time, you do not focus on distractions, addictions and appearance of the outside world but you hurt, inner Self.

    When you're on the Shadow with a mature perspective of compassion and willingness to grow into a more developed relationship with these parts of yourself, you will create a tremendous healing.

    The outside world will speed up your fear and try to keep your deducible. Those who want to prevent you, as an individual, very powerful and will be as much as possible opportunities for you to fear. The world team will try to keep you in fear because of "terrorist threat".

    If you are afraid you'll be more prepared the "big powers" for you to worry ... "to protect you and your country any military is to become. When the fear is, however, you will discover that you have given away your rights. You may discover that someone who is in revolt against the plans of the "big powers" arrested. It is necessary that you be aware of where you actually choose.

    You can do this effectively if you take responsibility for the fixed child "in your nervous system. The help you receive you will need strong adults.

    On December 1, 2008 was Venus, Jupiter and the moon on a line which is an acceleration of the revelation of secrets on your planet began. The moon of Jupiter is known as Io and contains all the secrets of energy creation. That information is revealed in your consciousness so that you are capable of that energy you use integrity.

    There are many tests introduced for you to help you prepare for that sense of integrity. You must learn how to balance out what to take to transform and integrate into a deeper, stronger sense of Self.

    This brings us to the second period of four months in 2009.

    TRANSFORMATION of the Dark Shadow

    Everything during the first four months was discovered by now should be an inner transformation. You will always have to go deeper inside, past the Dark Shadow to Light Shade. This is your essential connection to yourself, where the potential of your soul is.

    The subconscious mind is the brain that everything maintains. It is a very conscious brain. What your conscious mind is essentially called the "stupid brain" that only definitions of the past and a firm identity of yourself and adopt again describes what is already "known". This ensures that you are kept fixed in the mass consciousness and as an injured child who does not know his own power, you try to adapt.

    You are well trained in the slave of the outer world of form. Those who had the opportunity to continue and even elected, not government, to prevail on you to have exercised their power cheerful.

    You live in a world economic system ruled by business and is based on a loan system. You are all victims of this on your willingness to continue without responsibility for yourself. You make purchases through loans and make yourself dependent on things in the outside world. This was no accident, but clearly planned.

    The whole system itself to identify and join forces to landfill. That comfort zone you now risk is clearly planned for you in this time of accelerated to energies in fear. Nothing happens just now taking place.

    Do you think the very rich really suffer? Really. Do you think the biggest business tax, the Catholic Church, below suffer? Really.

    In this time of change, it is necessary for you with everything you have found something to do and actually start these parts of yourself into something else to form. It is necessary that you create an inner connection that you have lost parts of yourself is love, support and development. Most people are afraid to know itself. This will make you aware of your inner emptiness that comes from not connected with yourself and your own feelings.

    This will, in an attempt to seek distraction, more extremes bring out. We therefore urge you to this learned behavior no longer accept. Take the time you re-connect from your own power to create and accountability for your life to take to learn how you can develop an inner relationship and a great manifest your dreams before you can be.

    You will see a totally different world when you do not stick to your collective thoughts and feelings as a human species, a reality that is defined by attachment to anything outside your area. Go inside and learn how your usual thoughts and feelings can interrupt. Develop a true connection with your inner self so that you discover that you have a multi-dimensional nature and are powerful creator.

    Take your power back from the outside world. It's about connecting your inner self with the outside world from the view direction to the outside world from an inner truth and conviction that now needs to be developed. You have until now not known how this had to do. Because you in an honest way to take responsibility, in practice, are you here now aware of.

    You would give a child a car to drive. The same applies to obtaining access to the creative energy. When you are in pain and resistance to this energy is not for creative purposes. Now you learn, because you grow up and another way to take responsibility, how to drive. You are powerful, loving and valuable vehicles.

    Find the help you need for this to work. Discover for yourself who you can help you re-connect with your emotional body and transform your fearful mental beliefs. When you do this you will see how to create a life that you not only as individuals but also fulfills the welfare of the whole.

    When you are in this time of evolution your heart chakra opens you the forces of creation within and learning how to consciously create the truth of your being. This will always focus on the "we-consciousness" and not the narcissism of an injured child with everything to "myself" is running.

    RESTRUCTURING of old forms

    The last four months concerning the restructuring of old forms ... family systems, business, economics, medicine, etc. Everything is absolutely stuck in the mass consciousness will forcefully be affected by new definitions.

    Anything out of balance is not growing and will begin to collapse. It focuses on increasing greed, the get of things and that is what is outside yourself is to deceive. This will not work these new energies.

    You have the freedom from want but got injured child conditioned and you have no idea how you can use freedom of choice. You sat down in the decision of right and wrong, good and bad from fear of punishment and reward. This system is gradually perish so you can develop an individual consciousness.

    The Devil does not exist. It is the ego of the collective consciousness that you kept the need to take responsibility. That is the power of the Dark Shadow. The only bad is your ignorance and fear, you could not transform or you could take no responsibility for. For your awareness, the systems together so you should pay attention.

    Try this when you see everything done in panic and fear not hitting. Many will panic because they are not accustomed to change and take responsibility. They know only the familiar comfort. They can not contain that something better could be.

    Your auto and oil industry know that your energy reserves run out but still very little done. You were, as injured children, solid performance in the short term and now consume.

    The ecosystem of your planet is being threatened. The animals and plants are in danger. Any wild animal, by the imbalance that you create on the endangered species list. In the last 50 years you have the amount of oxygen in the air reduced by 25 percent!

    You should be aware and to take responsibility. You are now in the electrical power of cause and effect to the reality of solar quantum shift and resonance. You must become part of a group of individuals who constitute a critical mass that you could change entire planet. It is for every one of you to you personally to prepare and learn how you can focus your creative forces.

    The collapse already taking place is necessary for you awareness and self-rescue.

    The instructions already takes place. Jupiter, which reveals the secrets of creation and Venus reveals that the uterus energy of the soul, and is connected to the moon by the energy of the soul includes experience and put it all in a powerful way ahead.

    This year is now starting on a line of the planets and moon to reflect the most recent inauguration of the Vortex of Sirius opened ... allowing space for your powerful healing opened.

    The elected President Obama will have a strong role. In many ways it will support an awareness of everything in balance. He will try within the government an inner transformation process. You must all have your own share in this.

    The last four months can be very frightening and dangerous because you shared your challenging situation to face. Put together in the light and protect the soul resonance you together. Leaders around you with this light.

    This is what you will experience in the year 2009, the first Dark Shadow face on the surface of you hurt yourself. Do it with integrity and not in fear. Training in the comfort of yourself and others. We are your best possible information to help you prepare.

    You'll emerging Shadow on many levels of physical illnesses see increase. More and more people will leave the planet because their souls decide that they are not all made up. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you all but you should use and be aware. You must live consciously face because all of this in any way will unfold. Consciousness gives you the power to react and be quite.

    Use this information so as overall guidance for this year. Open your inner life and respond with compassion and courage.

    Blessings for you all - Gabriel.

    Source: aquariusage
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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