The concept that most people have of reincarnation is not accurate. The common idea is that we are here to learn and to correct any errors that we made in previous incarnations. As the sceptics say, this is a rather ridiculous situation as we have no way of achieving anything because we are born with our memories of previous incarnations completely wiped

The reason for numerous incarnations is to enable us (our spirit or soul) to experience every aspect of living in a physical world. Through various incarnations we experience the full range of emotions from fear through to love - joy through to sorrow - pain through to pleasure. In fact, every single emotion you can think of. Each one of our senses is given the full treatment within its range. All this occurs over hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes.

In a typical scenario a group of souls agrees to work together to have certain experiences. These may incarnate as family members or friends. So, for example, your current parents may, in a previous existence, have been your brother and sister or cousins. Next time around, you could not only be in a different family relationship, but you could be of a different gender. In any group of souls there is nearly always one who has the ability to remember their purpose in life and so can guide other family members towards the right path.

Karma is the correcting of an imbalance. All experiences are of a positive or negative energy. There is nothing wrong with either positive or negative energy but they need to balance each other. If, at the end of an incarnation you have built up an excess of positive energy, then the next time you come into life, you will have negative experiences. The opposite occurs if you had built up an excess of negative energies.

There may be a gap of many years between incarnations or there may be only a matter of weeks or months. When we’ve run through the full range of physical experiences we are free to become energy spirits or light bodies. At many stages of our soul’s development, we can choose to become teachers and have the ability to influence others from time to time.

The time is fast approaching when we will all become aware as there are forces at work correcting the imbalance of negative energies that has occurred on Earth. As more and more of us become aware, like a snowball, the positive energies will overwhelm the imbalance and the world will be at peace. This is what will be known as The New World Order. In the past, the negative ‘powers that be’ have used this phrase and given it an aspect to be feared. Believe me, there is no reason to fear this New World Order.