Love is the cement of the universe

December 5, 2009

Love leads the way and lit the path, love is the pervasive influence of the light, listen to the Buddha, the Christ light in the heart of the universe - that love works in which gods and men, and teaches us to recognize beauty when we see her, especially inner beauty, and greatness in others and listen to, because we listen and greatness in our own innermost being known.

Love is the cement of the universe, they all keep things in place and under her eternal guard, her true nature is heavenly peace, it is characteristic cosmic harmony that pervades all things, that limitless, imperishable, infinite, eternal. She is everywhere and is the heart of the heart of all that is.

Love is the best, the holiest what man knows. She gives people hope, they keep alive the aspiration of his heart, stimulates the noblest human qualities such as self-denial for the sake of others, gives them self-forgetfulness, she also brings peace and joy know no bounds. She is the noblest in the universe.

"Love one another" - noble words, because they appeal to the core of your nature, the divine in you, the god in a heavenly light deepest essence. The most inner light in you is almighty love.

Love is a protective force, love is powerful, it is pervasive, and how impersonal it is, the higher and more powerful she is. She knows no boundaries in space or time, because it is the fundamental force of nature, the highest law of nature and it is the universal bond of unity between all things. Not only softens them the most hardened heart and break it the most rigid forms of human thought, but its life-giving heat penetrates gradually throughout by. Nothing can interrupt its progress, because it is the very life essence of the universe. Eventually, all things and creatures one, are all rooted in one and life flows through all the steady, uninterrupted stream of almighty love.

Love is the big attraction being the one with the other connecting the human heart with one another, and the further a man advances in his evolution, the stronger the love all the fibers of his being folded in garments with its tendrils, or to another metaphors used, the more the human heart swells with love, until finally the entire universe and allows you all things, big and small, will love without distinction of place or time. How blessed is he who feels it, realizes it! It is divine, for love, impersonal love, is divine.

Personal love is but a reflection of it, and personal love is imperfect because the beam is so weak. Everything that the desire for personal gain is the driving force, is not true love.

If love is personal, start the veils of the personality is to condense on the inner eye, because personal desires in the aura - the psychic atmosphere surrounding - collect and compact, making it faster, and that makes the psychic veils heavier and the inner vision and inner obscure concept. The essence of true love is self-forgetfulness and to this rule are no exceptions.

If in heart and mind of man only personal love prevails, or that he is the one, but not the other, he loves something here, but not that there is something else, or vice versa - in other words, how personal his love is, how limited it is. That is the kind of love and not real, that is limited.

Impersonal love is beautiful and attractive, she shows no trace of the things we all dislike. She was always friendly to everyone and everything - both large and small creatures and things, it is intuitive.

Responsibility, trust, love - which indeed bring happiness, strength and joy. But these great qualities you will not understand nor feel like your heart is full of only personal, limited thoughts and feelings. Then for those great qualities in your heart no place, it can not include it as purely personal matters is completed.

Because love knows no personal responsibility, has no responsibility. She does not trust, can not really trust, they can not fully give because the "I" is still in full force asserts, and her only thought was: I, I, and I again.

It is precisely this selfish, personal love in human life, grief, suffering and misery, while cleaning and impersonal love and purifies the heart of the man happy.

If a human heart can give without thought of reward or to provide temporary pain it may entail for the giver, that is something beautiful. That love is given without that one thinks of herself, who knows no limits or imposes conditions, was divine. True love is always impersonal.

Love is peace, love, harmony, love, self-forgetfulness, love is power, it is powerful, it means vision, it means evolution. Its power extends the inner nature so that gradually increases your compassion, because you are one with the universe where you belong, where you live, and move your existence, and because she herself is harmony and the essence of the heart of the universe belong, you are one with the divine in the heart of all things.

Impersonal love is divine. She illuminates the heart, it broadens the mind, it fills the soul with a sense of unity with all that is, so you just as little can hurt another living being as deliberately and willingly something or someone that you on earth the most implies, can cause damage.

Love is powerful. She is the best in human life because it is the best in the life of the gods, which human life but a weak and inadequate reflection. Our whole nature sends a powerful current of sympathy for all that is. From the start, the bigger life, and challenges are on the far horizon of the future and for a complete understanding of everything, and a reunion of all beings and things in consciousness, in which hatred, conflict, disagreement and misunderstandings will be gone.

A faint reflection of this love is the love of one human to another - a very weak indeed, but it is at least the beginning of self-forgetfulness. If, however, once the soul is illuminated by the sacred radiance of impersonal love, then you really live.

Impersonal love asks no reward, she gives everything and does so himself. Love illuminated. Love inspires, it opens the doors of the mind because it breaks the bonds of the lower self that god imprisoned. If you love impersonally, then spread the divine fire and the man truly human.

Love is a great strength. Perfect love banishes all fear. Someone whose heart is filled with love and compassion, has never fear, this is no place in his heart. Cherish love for all life, then you agree with cosmic forces and you are invincible strong, intellectually and spiritually and clairvoyant. You'll never be frightened if your heart is filled with love and understanding, for love - perfect love - brings understanding. You will never fear poverty, you will never have fear of death.

You can overcome your greatest fear and courageous deeds and thoughts for the mind to call. Imagine that you are brave deeds. Study and admire brave deeds of others. Study and admire courageous ideas of others. Grow with the desire for courage, so you will put into practice. Then you will be brave and fear disappear like the morning mist before the rising Sun The secret to overcoming fear lies in the creative power of imagination.

These are practical, ethical rules, codes of practice for the man, what a pity that mankind has lost the sight! The man will be governed by fear as long as he loves himself, because he is afraid of what will happen - a little afraid to venture, afraid to act, think, fear of losing. And he will lose. "What I feared has happened to me!" It is always.

They are the Great Ones who have no fear, that car, acting, who do - for they are men of action, and they are the thinkers in the world, because in both cases they have no fear. They love what they do. Therefore they have no fear.

The strong man is he who loves, not that he hates. The weak man because he hates limited and small. He is suffering and sorrow of others can not see or feel and even the position of not understanding one another, but what is easy. But the man who loves sees his relationship with all beings. His whole nature of inner beauty radiates, expands itself by the inner fire that flares up in beautiful and harmonious thoughts and in so beautiful and friendly acts. Even his features soften and will be friendly, he will not frighten, he will not be hated.

Impersonal love is magical, it does wonders to stand, they will even break hearts of stone. Nothing, not even hatred, it can encounter. Follow the ancient law: hatred. Overcome hatred by love. Never Repay hatred with hatred, because if you pour oil on an unholy fire. Repay hatred with compassion and justice. Be fair if you injustice. Then you agree with the spiritual operations of nature and you are a child of the cosmic life then with his eternal rhythm in your heart beats.

Be yourself, and extend your sympathies, touch the wires feel your heart the consciousness of other people. What is the joy you as it were, the inner vibration and electrical feel that your soul when you experience the heart of a fellow human being has touched!

Provide space for the divine energies that linger in your heart: love, compassion, pity, sympathy for others, kindness, the vision of beauty in the light of love, and love in the light of the beauty that radiates itself.

Be friendly, refuse to hate. Let your heart expand.

Another step that leads to the path of divine love is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the impulse of the heart that leads you up to do the first step, which is indeed one of the steps to divine love. True forgiveness requires a strong character, true humanity, a purely intellectual discernment and strength, it means refusing to feel resentment, resentment to be filled, to breed hatred, forgive means to purify your heart from that low and degrading impulses.

For example: you have been wronged. What you do: grudge, hatred grow, the waiting time to pay back in kind and thus the anxiety and sadness in the world to double? Or you say: No, I forgive, I have paved the way for himself, because in the past have suffered this myself on my neck removed. Unhappy is the man who hurt me, I forgive him.

The villain does not know what he is doing. He is weak. He is blind. He however that forgiving nature, and sees is strong because love forgives everything and the reason is that she understands and sympathizes. Understanding brings insight.

Learn to forgive, and forgive when forgiveness is needed. Forgive not just verbally, if you are not tempted to hate, but forgive if you have a pool to do on your inner strength. Love, when you feel low and selfish urge to hate, because it means loving a spiritual exercise which shows inner strength and greatness.

This can greatly strengthen your inner constitution. This exercise and the result put an end to discord, alleviate suffering, to encourage confidence and friendly feelings, and to him who gives forgiveness sincerely and successfully, is a peace and a sense of power that nothing else can ever give.

Forgive your neighbors and have them love and let the love your heart with its holy light and your mind fills with her divine lights shine, given to all flesh, without limitation, without limits to set, your reward will be very high . Calls for love not only love in the hearts of others, but also a very uplifting influence on yourself. She not only brings good things out into the souls of those you love, but it also develops your faculties and powers.

Forgive and love, so place your feet on the path that you enter directly into the spiritual Sun which shines eternally with healing power. Forgive and love, and you know you feel the blessed influence of the Buddha listening - the Christ spirit - that permeates your whole being. Then a benevolent force on earth, not only loved by your fellow men, but a blessing for all beings. Then you begin to make a proper use of the capabilities and noble forces that are your own god, you'll understand everything, because love is indeed a powerful and clairvoyant ability.

Learn to forgive, because that is noble, learn to love, because that is divine.

G. de Purucker

Source: Happy News