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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twin Souls a now familiar phenomenon. It would suggest that a soul is spread over two bodies. Split in a male and a female part. Too bad this is seen and thus is so polite. Too bad there are people who as "experts" pretend to be a truth. Then, we now turn towards a different vision.

Soul, light essence, the core of the cores. The most essential part of every life form! And together with the Source to an earthly life. A beautiful system of incarnate and reincarnate into the substance you further evolutionary path to follow. One is the Earth's circle around and then ... Then there is the time of service in another dimension, see that you become a proper state of enlightenment is reached.
Once we were many, a huge cluster of light interlacing ties. 144,000 in number. Shifting from one dimension to another, but not living on the road. Until we ended up in the echelons of the terms of mass, denser dimensions and gradually we split up. In 1000 groups of 144 light units. They again split into 16 groups of 9 light units. What is then split into 3 groups of 3 light units. This vision is in the following terms, the group of 144,000 are soul mates, the group of 144 his soul components, 9 and the last 3 soul ties.

These three start together on the Earth's cycle. Always incarnation sometimes even at 3 when a back goes to the other dimension, there is an easier communication between the 3, having regard to their essence is easy to move and not stuck in the coarse material. But all this still in the regions of the dense dimensions. Which sometimes depending on the individual evolution 'trips' are made to other more minor dimensions. Who anywhere existence, there is a constant interaction energy between these 3 sparks. Even if you do not know where you are and even who you are, there is information inside on each other through the Higher Self. In the form of feelings, thoughts, dreams, encounters in a parallel world (another dimension). There are many forms of communication within this trinity.
It is an interaction ... which each substance in the gross substance of his / her identity may represent, but also may find the way back to the primary / Divine Unity. These three are the strength, wisdom and love of the Triple Flame in all of our lives. Each an every one of these three has to move towards full primary / divine force, the whole primary / divine wisdom and the full primary / divine love. Omni potent and widely available.
Each part (soul essence) of the last split in 3, to do, and does so because it is a soul inspired intuitive motivation. And with each incarnation anywhere in the world do they always one step closer, one might be slightly slower as the other but the rule is that growth separately equal to. Knowing that the soul, which is what ingedaald in gross matter, a continuous contact with the higher self, where the three are still united. At the moment there is a soul choose to go back to another dimension, the soul no man more, but only the higher self. The purest essence of the soul.
In the higher itself all driven in the most pure form. This higher self is therefore the purest part of our children The Source / God is, we are the pure pure separation of the Source / God. At the moment this soul ties all 3 the complete evolutionary process through the dust, and maturity of the Triple Flame are, it is time for unity and humanity to what area. This is also a part of the evolutionary process of the soul to total enlightenment. Because the Earth's cycle is only a very basic beginning.
Many now think that their latest incarnation to its completion. Any opinion respectfully apart, but see that souls in human form like Jesus of Nazareth (Joshua Ben Joseph) as we have known their earthly cycle completed with incarnation. Think of the 'track record' even those souls and ask you out again, this is my last life, my last earthly incarnation in the cycle? In all honesty it is beyond the conclusion that this is largely a misconception.
After the earthly cycle only. Then the actual path to full enlightenment as trinity. It came before thousands of Earth years of hard learning and hard work. The learning process (program) is still the master of the various bodies, the emotional body, mental body, physical body and the etheric body. The latter is the energy thinner layer that surrounds you, also known as the aura) Do what that means. While other people you can influence emotional mental and physical area, you need some earthly cycles through. And this is only very briefly put in example, the size of these words is significant in the lives of a soul as a man not to see ... for now.
While there is still duality and the thinking that a soul only two parts while the Spark Source blows through our lives in the Triple Flame, there is a lot to learn and the way forward is still a long path to walk to overcome with many rocks and mountains to climb on and fall through to them. But know that every stone on the road you will eventually move towards cooperation and ultimate merger of the three parts in Divine Strength Wisdom and Love.
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