Tolerance and forgiveness
Monday, March 2, 2009

About tolerance and forgiveness has been much written and spoken, but what are we talking about, what can we do in practice? In the current time when global tensions rise on all levels of society and fear among people is increasing, we ask our increasingly the way forward. How do you get all these problems? Governments increasingly aware solutions for the violence and aggression in their many manifestations. It hit back as hard as possible is an option, as well as the suppression of eruptions of violence. The only result so far is more violence. Over and again, the forces measured and hatred and revenge born and existing feelings deepened. If we build on a negative spiral of fear and destruction and this is clearly not the answer to the problem.

As a cause of much aggression can be argued powerlessness. We are increasingly powerless in relation to the bridging of differences and disputes. Power Structures letter of the other for domination. Everyone wants power, would not do for one another for fear of loss of control. In fact, this is a game of illusion by the man himself was created. In reality, according to the Creation Plan, has no right to power over another. Everyone is free and has an ownership right to that freedom to go.

Freedom is here in the Western world relatively high our banner, but how that manifests itself in practice? And what of the many countries where repression hinders people in the most basic freedom of movement. Power and control corruption, the social structures and ensure the emergence of fear and violence. Throughout the centuries has fear and violence are toll claimed and freedom was only for a limited number of people to play. All divisions called alongside feelings of anxiety and aggression also hate and revenge feelings. An eye for eye, tooth for tooth was widely seen as a righteous act. The man was good of himself and of his Divine origin essentially cut hit and lived there unconsciously away. Freedom of action was settled and determined by self-made law with the spirit of the age-related rules in isolation from God and commandment.

Two years ago, through Jesus the Christ Consciousness on earth again our attention to the whole human race again some direction and meaning in their lives to give back. The Christ Consciousness involves us aware of who or what we actually are a divine being existing and emerged from the Source of love and light. Christ is that love and light. If the Christ back into our lives than admit opens the way back to our heart and soul, we can again be our true self. In the form of a religion Christ taught the principle man else to deal with each other and provided the Ten Commandments in a life. Unfortunately, the church wanted power and were religious dogmas laws, creating new fear and destruction instead of freedom and equality were sown.

Now, at this time, we are again confronted with contradictions between freedom and oppression in religion and government of countries and continents. Therefore we must again consider the consequences that this brings to our society and re-establish the conditions for a climate of freedom for everyone to examine and identify. You could argue that right to that freedom to take up some basic rules that they not only imposed from outside should be, but from an inner knowledge as evident in practice need to be. These basic rules are based on love and respect, love and respect for yourself and your fellow man. You would be the norms and values that are universal to call and for all time, including this time. This new attitude arises naturally form a relationship based on respect and love for each other. A handling form of tolerance for your fellow groups and dissidents.

Lack of freedom and tolerance leads to hatred and revenge. Back Striking helps apparently not, may be the understanding of each other's problems, the elimination of oppression and power games, equality and tolerance. There is only one weapon for it, namely, love. Love is the strongest force there is and the only force that fear, revenge and hatred can help solve. Love comes from the Divine Source that represents the light from which everything has come This is the luminosity of love, the opposite of the dark power of fear and hatred. Light makes darkness visible and lost it. Love is the greatest force against all negative forces on our planet. This love allows us then to forgiveness to our hearts as it has achieved. Thus, we can circle of violence in a world increasingly onleefbaar break. Forgiveness from the heart in love and tolerance are the watchwords.

It seems difficult, sometimes impossible to come to forgiveness, but with the understanding that love is the only way we can resort to such massive our love as a weapon to take. Thus we take our own responsibility for a sustainable society at hand. This is no government and no army for each other. Humanity will solve this problem by changing from the inside have to achieve. However, only there really forgive if the pain is healed in yourself. Pain is the underlying cause of hatred and revenge. With much love their own pain to heal there room for a loving heart to forgiveness to be able to come. In this is love and healing power of eminent importance. In this way, for many people and peoples tolerance and forgiveness always possible and the prospect of a safe, happy and loving society a reality.

Each man holds in his heart the essence of love. Whether that person is male or female, white or black, pagan, Christian or Muslim is, sex, color or religion have nothing to do with it. Each religion is essentially the same God, only the interpretation of each religion is different. The current issue between Muslims, Jews and Christians often become a matter of power. This power is especially required for the extreme orthodox branches of various religions, where violence is shunned not for the other to prevail. Therein lies the real danger, not in the ordinary believers. Freedom of religion also means release and tolerate each other in the perception of it. Oppression and violence are contrary to a God of love.

Through awareness and willingness to work to, can contact these oerbron of love in ourselves made. Improve the world, beginning with yourself, today! It is for everyone this path of awareness to go. Indeed, in this new era Aquarius, in this new era, it is intended that the human race to a new sense of self and life will come.

As messenger of the New Time I like this under your attention, so for any who may choose to self to come. I invite everyone to build the new pillars of tolerance and forgiveness based on love and respect for each other, our world in the New Time to go to support our way to a planet Earth where it pleasant.

Source: denieuwetijd