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Thread: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

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    Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    I have been kicking around an idea today. To start a thread here to promote individual development by sharing personal experiences. I have much experience to choose from to start off such a thread as I am sure many of us here have our own powerful experiences.
    I wanted to start the thread off with a topic that would not LIMIT the types of experiences that could be shared but, would perhaps serve to shine Light into any experience and promote understanding as to WHY we see is as powerful and worth sharing in the first place
    The topic I thought of to keep in mind as the light to bring us understandings is- union. Unification or connectedness. Indeed, we humans are all connected in many ways, actions motivations and decisions are all connected and unified through our experiences in many ways.

    An idea: union (or unification) has been a goal of many (perhaps all) spiritual practices throughout time. Union of the fringe motivations (desires) of the self with the greater self, lower self with the higher, heart and mind, self and nature as a whole, cosmic connectedness, etc...
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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    I had an experience just now (online) that I must share. It was meant to be so. Please enjoy and share your thoughts

    This is an organic conversation between me (TheVoice) and another player on a chess site I frequent. It happened unexpectedly and I reproduce it all here:

    Users in the room: CircadianKnight.
    TheVoice is in charge of this chat.
    CircadianKnight: Hi
    TheVoice: better here
    TheVoice: yes- I follow you
    CircadianKnight: there is a fourth (form of motion)
    CircadianKnight: Transformational
    TheVoice: i dig it
    CircadianKnight: All matter cannot be created or destroyed
    CircadianKnight: only Transformed
    TheVoice: I fully understand that
    CircadianKnight: When a particle of mass is in all of the classical forms of motion at once....
    CircadianKnight: it transforms!
    CircadianKnight: and undergoes a mass collapse!
    TheVoice: nice
    CircadianKnight: I hope that this has helped
    TheVoice: transforms into?
    CircadianKnight: Dark matter
    TheVoice: i see
    CircadianKnight: Light matter is in its last revolutions
    TheVoice: how to induce this?
    TheVoice: it is happening naturally- more energy (cosmic)??
    CircadianKnight: naturally!!!
    TheVoice: I see- yes
    TheVoice: thank you brother, I will see more
    TheVoice: I am a seeker of truth and now- it finds me
    CircadianKnight: There are gravitational collapses in any object with mass
    CircadianKnight: There are quantum black holes too
    CircadianKnight: forget entropy! There are only different energy levels
    TheVoice: yes I know much of what you are refering to
    CircadianKnight: Much like our counting system of 1-10
    TheVoice: yes- only energy- matter is energy
    CircadianKnight: Energy is simply matter motion
    TheVoice: wow bro- how do you come upon your knowledge and truth?
    TheVoice: true matter=energy|energy=matt er
    CircadianKnight: Once an object reaches a state of no motion
    TheVoice: I cultivate energy- my concern is with myself but transformation is happening everywhere
    CircadianKnight: You will transform too!
    CircadianKnight: So will I
    CircadianKnight: I just await the day
    TheVoice: yes- me too brother!
    TheVoice: How do you come upon your knowledge?
    CircadianKnight: My father is a physicist
    TheVoice: nice!
    CircadianKnight: He has opened my eyes to many ideas
    TheVoice: me- meditation, Falun Dafa and solar gazing
    CircadianKnight: You only wish to purify your body and soul by the healing powers of radiant energy
    CircadianKnight: the Light
    TheVoice: you are great and I am glad you are on my friends list thank you for challenging me today and telling me the things you have
    TheVoice: YES!
    CircadianKnight: will save only part of you
    CircadianKnight: Noah... we are manifestations of the Light
    TheVoice: I love the Sun- it is the most powerful purification source I have ever embraced- YES, I believe so too, brother
    CircadianKnight: We were all once stardust from a great nebula
    TheVoice: I know that- we are all stardust
    CircadianKnight: Careful ... do not be Icarus
    CircadianKnight: there is no seeing the light...
    CircadianKnight: only being the Light
    CircadianKnight: Once you seek something you become a part of it
    TheVoice: I will take that to heart
    CircadianKnight: We are all interconnected
    TheVoice: yes
    CircadianKnight: the Web of life itself
    CircadianKnight: That is the truth behind the ancient Chinese proverb
    CircadianKnight: Be careful what you wish for
    TheVoice: I work on opening up to it- recieving the light (information), letting it change me
    TheVoice: Buddha- what we think we shall become
    CircadianKnight: Exactly!
    CircadianKnight: I am on a quest!
    TheVoice: it is not about "thinking" per se- it is about FEELING
    CircadianKnight: It is a being
    CircadianKnight: not a thinking or feeling
    TheVoice: BEING it, perfect
    TheVoice: you seem very connected, brother
    CircadianKnight: I have dodged fate
    CircadianKnight: Such event has brought me much wisdom
    TheVoice: awesome!
    TheVoice: experience is all there is- when you experience something- you gain wisdom
    CircadianKnight: Exactly!
    CircadianKnight: It is a being to which you transform to
    TheVoice: crazy thet alot of people sit sround eyes glued to a screen and dont DO anything
    CircadianKnight: There is no final destination other than a transformation
    TheVoice: I love my practice- I can feel myself opening up- becoming
    TheVoice: YES! I see that
    CircadianKnight: Embrace life for its experiences
    TheVoice: yessir- now that is very zen-like
    CircadianKnight: For that's all we will have in our life
    TheVoice: true
    TheVoice: many feel as we do, brother. most do not say or even know how to
    CircadianKnight: Even a legendary Reggae singer found this
    TheVoice: it is happening though, wild and awesome
    CircadianKnight: Don't look to heavens for happiness for you can find it on Earth
    TheVoice: Great truths cannot be denied, brother
    TheVoice: yes!
    CircadianKnight: do you know who said this?
    TheVoice: so now u see the light, stand up for your right
    CircadianKnight: Yes!!!
    TheVoice: get up, stand up
    TheVoice: marley baby
    CircadianKnight: Now you see this truth!
    TheVoice: yessir
    CircadianKnight: Bob marley was enLIGHTened
    TheVoice: thank you for opening up to me
    TheVoice: I believe he was too- always have
    CircadianKnight: What is it that you do?
    CircadianKnight: are you in a profession ?
    CircadianKnight: also randomly -- play chess 960 more often
    TheVoice: I am starting a new job monday- I have a very laid back life with little responsibility except raising my 2 daughters
    CircadianKnight: It will change you
    CircadianKnight: Chess 960 is a bit more fun
    TheVoice: I dig 960- I will start many online games, send me a challenge
    CircadianKnight: ( transformations of the iterations of Chess)
    CircadianKnight: sure
    CircadianKnight: I will definitely send you a challenge right now
    TheVoice: I have not worked a job for the last 3 weeks- just practicing and being dad
    TheVoice: now I will get a job to handle myself and for extra money
    TheVoice: I live to cultivate myself bro
    TheVoice: I am all about spiritual growth and development
    TheVoice: and TRANSFORMATION!!!
    CircadianKnight: you are a very venerable person
    CircadianKnight: I am glad to have met you!
    TheVoice: likewise
    TheVoice: thank you, brother, I do not deserve such praise. I do only what I am driven to do inside
    TheVoice: you strengthen my determination
    CircadianKnight: Realize this... every major religion has always referenced transfigurations
    TheVoice: hit me a chat whenever you want- if I am here I am always trying to share these things
    CircadianKnight: but never fully understood such happenings
    TheVoice: I know Religion, bro. YES!!!
    CircadianKnight: A transfiguration is simply a Transformation
    CircadianKnight: nothing can prepare an entity for that
    CircadianKnight: I know first hand
    TheVoice: I was a materialistic athiest for many years devoted to study of sacred texts. Then I had my own experiences
    CircadianKnight: I am not an agnostic or athiest .....
    TheVoice: awesomeness
    CircadianKnight: there is only one religion
    TheVoice: me either now, brother
    CircadianKnight: Love
    TheVoice: I dont think I have EVER heard it put better
    TheVoice: you def cut to the truth well, brother
    CircadianKnight: The embrace of light... to become the light in another's life
    TheVoice: yes
    CircadianKnight: that is love
    TheVoice: yes

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!


    Although I don't have anything at THIS moment to share, I'm sure I will!
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Wow, it seems that both of you were well-connected to some sort of infinite knowledge during this conversation. It's almost like reading a poem where the words feel magically put together.
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Thank you bro! Yes...this was very special and I felt chills multiple times during the back and forth. This convo was very quick and we were both responding fast most of the time. He (circadianknight) has since sent me a few articles from scientific journals and websites but I am having trouble understanding what it is saying or how it relates to human transformation. I know much about science and physics (for a lay-person) but it is just beyond me

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Those kinds of conversations happen all the time between myself and Rumas. The only problem is, much of it is lost before it reaches text format to be shared with others. We get into discussions of this nature pretty deep sometimes and the most wonderful things are revealed/channeled.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Yes! I have many natural conversations like this IRL (in real life) but, this was the first time a convo blossomed naturally online. I felt it was MEANT to be shared. These types of conversations have happened with more frequency the past year of my life and have started many "spiritual friendships," which is a term I use to describe a friend where our focus is each other's development and growth.
    No doubt many here have deeply connected, spiritual communications, remember a great truth here
    The first greatest aim of man(kind) is to understand, the second is to communicate understanding

    with love...

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Within the last week, I have had 2 separate experiences with 2 different people that both occurred during a Tarot reading.

    The first one happened on Friday night when a lady I was reading for was focusing on what she wanted to know, and as she shuffled the deck, a single card went flying out of the deck. It's been my experience that whenever that happens, it is the most powerful message that needs to get to the person being read for. It turned out, the message made perfect sense to her and she knew who it was from. She was in tears, and she thanked me. That one card alone, and not any of the other readings I had done for her earlier that night, that one single card had the most profound effect on her and it changed her mindset on everything. It was an amazing moment. In the interpretation of that 1 card, I had taken all of her worries away.

    The second time happened today when I was talking with a friend online. This is a friend I haven't spoken to since highschool. She had me read for her. Again, same thing happened. On the third reading, 2 cards flew out of the deck. Whenever cards fly out like that it is usually one 1 card, but this time it was 2. When I gave her what those cards signified, it really put her mind at ease.

    Now I know that some people look at Tarot as pure farce and don't believe in what it shows, but it is a very good divination tool if used properly. There are things that are shown with the cards that may not come through in other ways. After all, it is what the "psychic" that is interpreting the cards sees, and not what the person being read for may think, however, it is the energy from the person asking that makes the cards come up the way they do. It is all about what you need to see and not what you want to see.

    I know I have had an impact on many people's lives through these sorts of readings, but these 2 stories I choose to share now because they are the most recent, and it helped these 2 individuals greatly. I feel the importance of communications such as these; it raises the vibrational frequency when it happens like this.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Share an experience or comment on someone elses! Lets grow/develop together!

    Nice Lady! I love this stuff- when you can actively feel yourself raise up, lighter, expansive. Becoming energy beings (more sensitive to energy) in all ways is a key and in communication, it can be a natural occurrence! Thanks for sharing, beautiful one

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