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Thread: The Gods have connected us.

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    Re: The Gods have connected us.

    I love the way you are able to state these things Hobbit. I can agree with your statements.

    Some people like the terminology of "gods" and such, I believe we ARE god(s) so therefore everything and everyone is us, and we choose ways to connect with different levels of ourself at different times for different reasons.

    I can't always state things as well as you, but I think that maybe, just maybe, I get across what I need to.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: The Gods have connected us.

    Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalGemini527 View Post
    My abilities have enhanced since you showed me that 5th demention cube thing...i think thats why im so tired,havnt been to sleep in a couple of days,im using the cube now to astral,its much easier to use it for only that purpose and other little things.
    i would like to apologize to you if your not an agent,but if you are,than its a fake apology.where the cube took me at first,i willl never alow itto happen again,infact,im giving all this up...seen to much know to much.

    Thanks for bringing peace to my LIFEthrough this cube thing,astraling and other stuff gives you a feeling of addiction,and for the last couple of days,its like i have to do it,i have to feal this rush.TIRED UNC,SO TIRED.
    I ventured into something that i never ever want to see again.the cubething automatically took me to a spot,and i jumped out,and will never go back to,it scared me out this stuff,out the realms,out the astral,just out of everthing.have a goodnew year unc.

    'The living dead,the dead living' will be my last thread ever.Be good unc,'Happy New Year'
    COPY WRITTEN BY img527 january4th or 3third or fith..its in january,3012

    Greatest secret riddled rank 3 all time in life
    Correction, the living dead the dead living will not be my last thread.

    Who were the Ancient Gods really? 'Triangle'
    how many Gods were created by man? 'Hexagon'
    The living dead that lived to die. 'SQUARE'

    DREAM JUMPING‘, Astra ling, flying in dreams, outer body experience. ‘’’Unconscious>'CIRCLE' from when eyes are closed.

    EVery race on earth knew how to do this...Because they built by what was powerful to them...on how they found out.




    [They all used the shapes to get in]

    Can you believe that the first humans used telepathy to build a lot of theses wonders, telepathy to design and telekinesis, well, mass telekinesis to lift ,they also tied diamonds and sharp objects to wooden poles and would spin the stick through the mass telekinesis to sharpen edges on stones and to drill holes inside stones?

    Can you believe.. ‘’Greatest secret to boost the matrix’’ Can you believe that the first time machine will be built, with ‘7 shapes’ all spinning in one spot, but not the same way ,in the middle of an ocean during a thunder storm…harnessing the oceans energy.. trying to catch a couple of ‘lighting bolts‘…hint hint

    Can you even fit 7 shapes in one object?

    Lol, just had a well, who has beavers near them, nice carpet, yellow, lil dog statue at the front door, black and white door mate …..in the front out side.

    Lol, I just realmed jumped some where while I was writing this…frack, im a freak or something !

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    Re: The Gods have connected us.

    Okay Gemini I think it's time. Time for you to attach your original artwork depicting the action that takes place in your...

    Answer to your question, "Can you even fit 7 shapes in one object?" I assume you mean with no voids.

    For example you can take any heptahedron such as a 3D pentagon, a pentagonal prism. How many shapes can you see within it? Well I'm gonna cheat here using Google univerity at my figure tips because... I can How many triangles are in a pentagon with a star shape in the middle of the pentagon

    The pentagonal prism you see has seven sides and so the odds are high the geometry will divide into seven wholes. And we see in the link that the magic number is 35 expressed (7)5. ;-) With the pentagram found inside just keep going with it into infinity.

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    Re: The Gods have connected us.

    After which, Gemini, look to see if you can consolidate the triangles in 3D form until you reach seven different shapes. Like a Chinese puzzle more or less.

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