Conscious words: Be who you are, throw your mask off
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just be who you are. Are you a lucky man that you all are who you really are? Have you no mask on to the outside world? Dare you for your feelings and opinions is to arrive. Let me congratulate you, because you are indeed a happy man. There are many people who are less fortunate, who are uncertain, perhaps even unhappy they have no marks. Because they have a mask on.

From the moment that you, as your child is aware of your doings, you have influenced a man to the outside world that you really are not. When you get interested in spiritualism you know that makes it so much
important to you. That is also true spirituality to begin: be yourself, believe in yourself, trust yourself. The outside world is not as important as you are taught from your earliest youth. Of course, there are eight rules you should save and which is very useful. Of course you must learn to maintain yourself in this world full of rules, conditions and standards of behavior. very important that you do not forget who you are. And that is exactly what usually happens and the result is that you, your true "I" somewhere lost hit. And the more changes you do, how you removed it. You can completely in the node and so insecure that you get sick and uncertain.

The law of attraction exists. And if you wrong or unpleasant situations are unsure of yourself and believe that you all do not handle it because the 'world' and the 'people' around you that you now once in the course of your life have taught, then pull you saying such situations. It is often true that people who have had bad experiences and that each row at a given moment to show interest spiritualism. And that is something very good, because the spirituality teaches us back on ourselves to trust. Our own 'I' back to find and find that you are as you are. And then you find out how it all came so that you are become uncertain of yourself, and need you back to your past memories.

Your Youth
If you are born you are still yourself. You grew up to toddlers, nursery and you shall call, cries and says everything as you want and experience. You are not cautious or afraid. You ashamed you do not, and never thinks about the consequences of what you do. And if something you do not like your pocket by the knees and just crying very hard. Do you remember? No, that will probably not believe me. Because if we think back often, we can not think, but we know the course of the small children that we see around us. .Als another toddler holding anything than call you loudly if you do it just immediately and the more young children are watching what is going on. At some point you will and they returned that you were doing and forget the whole incident. And all play with each other. Was it always so easy!

But you are slightly larger and there are all sorts of important things. You must behave well, you should not say anything more. "No shame no no! Then Mrs angry to hear you! Then they do not love you anymore! "And it is important to love found. So your behavior must be adjusted. You call something against someone or something in the round and you get to hear: "gently, look at that! Everyone looks at you now, do you now nice, now we love. "

Ok. Weather a bit. I can not stand, because then I am mad or I'll put dad or mom was crazy. You are bigger and go to primary school and your appearance will suddenly they're ... other girls are thicker or thinner, you have other hair, they look different and beautiful clothes. And that you have not accidentally or slightly less than the mode at that time to write than you fall off the boat. If you regularly go on a negative way and attract attention as a child you have ever been scolded. Earlier in the 70s that words such as: Red beet, Mongolian, skimmed bones bale, stupid, , dolt, stupid idiot ..- And this is from my own time. Today, the bad even worse, but they are all of those words you 'smaller' and to make sure you get to feel about yourself. You will think you are different or less and am not good enough. The opinion of others is now so important that you're with yourself as to manifest that you can use the rest and very slowly go further and further away from you. And if you are bigger and the pressure is even greater. If someone says something or a certain way you look or feel you talk you do not to your convenience and you are uncertain and there is often unconsciously chosen to then determine how to conduct the rest of your life will be: either you go along with the rest and goes with the 'club' if you dare not be silent and withdrawn, in yourself and looking uncertain. Now it is not about speed, but you can set up a mask and that also many. They do themselves differently than they are, but inside it is different.

And if you go in life ...
Because previously I thought that if you are mature or that it was about, do people not so childish, but that is not true. In the adult world that behavior continues. Just think of the parent groups in the school, their children to wait. Some are already well time together there at the school. For all the news about everything and everyone to be exchanged. And if you look you see always that lone mothers are a bit further. They are not included in the group. Why not? Yes that is the question. She is in some way outside the boat. Come to or from another village, at least not good enough to belong to the 'established order'. But that is also at the football club of your son and also to the dance club of your daughter. And your attitude also affected the attitude of your son or daughter. Not always of course, but often do. In any case, it is true that a man can not simply continue to whom he / she is. However, when they were small, but the bigger you become the more important it is to "group" should be heard. So you is your change, you try to be different than you really are, your hair is important, the clothing, the shape of your body. How you talk and you put it, is to others. It is all important. And the media stressed that all further each day via the television. And if you're unsure, it is much worse because you want there to hear you like nice found. Of course. But if not, is a mask on and try in any case not to show, because then you really tenderloin. And that is at the lower school, but just as good at the exit of the playground or in the canteen at work. It is a pity, we could just continue as we are and say: I am who I am.

Spiritual development: the introduction
And that is just one of the first things you hear when you, your spirituality will deepen. that everyone is good and that you can be who you are. You should be proud of yourself and your opinion is just as important as that of others. Also your opinion is to it. In the beginning is that most strange. "I special? not really, no I am not. " It is a wonderful experience to be among like-minded people, you are appreciated. real valued and there is also listened to you and you will be included as everyone is included because there are no groups, everyone is equal and every opinion counts, and slowly you will learn again to get value estimate. But that takes some time, because if you slow years are formed in this society with its high standards then you know, in principle, not even who you were 'I' is. And therefore there begins a learning process, but this time inwards to yourself to learn and then rely on your own views and find out that the opinion of another is not always the need to be. It is not heavy training. It is more a home in yourself and other things to check. To the people, things. Literally do that. Suddenly you see things happening in nature around you, things you did not even noticed, events suddenly aligned appear to be coincidences that suddenly seem to have a purpose and you also realize that other people also sometimes a deeper underlying reason for their arrogant behavior and that they might as outside, but inside might not be. Many people around us have a mask on. Often they know not even themselves, so they agreed they overgrown.

For God, the universe or whatever you called it, the universe, the divine world is all right. We are all children of all equal souls. Try to have compassion for the people around you. Against the people you angry or closed eye or the people 'to' to do. Look through their 'mask' around. There may be a good reason, that they have become and maybe they are inside not so angry and closed but rather lonely and uncertain. Display and brands that they can sell you their mask. Think about how you against another says something without thinking, because you want it so, but sometimes you can inadvertently others uncertain or hurt.
Give love to the people around you. And you'll see that again comes back to you. Never think that you are stupid, or it will miss, or that there is something will go wrong or that you do not belong.We are equal, we are all equal in this world. Equally important. If you think that it is not so, then that just because you have been talking about and taught. Of course, one a little more talent and you sometimes less, but then you have talent for something else. we have all received gifts and talents, we have all received what we need in our school here in this life what we need. We all have our own purpose, but we are not inferior to each other. Also you not even you who read this ... You are valuable. You do not have to prove to the other. The only thing you can do is give love to the people around you and you come across your path and you will see that you also will return. "Who does well, well met". And so we can together pass the flame and create a better world.

But above all appreciate yourself, love yourself and try not to meet the standard. That is so important. It's your life and not that of the neighbor or friend or relative. Try to find yourself and you will see a very different life style.What can help is to use affirmations.

What is an affirmation?
Affirmations are texts that you have in mind or loudly pronounces that affect your mind and strengthen. Without you by, you use all day affirmations to yourself ( "This I can not!"), To your children ( "What are you still boring today!"), To others ( "That is much too difficult for you "). Usually we use affirmations in a negative way. By deliberately and in a positive way to use and regularly repeat your thoughts change about yourself - and thus your life. Because if you think you can, then draw, as it were, the energy to you to be. If you think you just can not make you a self-fulfilling prophecy: usually you can not because your beliefs you hold. Unlock the power of your soul - be master of your own thoughts.

Affirmations are both a target as a means. If you work with affirmations, the aim is to establish positive thoughts into your head. But it is also a product on the path to awareness. If you work with affirmations escape you do not always aware in order to stand. What do you think, are you ready?

I can concentrate excellent. I am relaxed and attentive and I feel this day as a pleasure. I am satisfied with my thoughts and feelings. No person, place or thing has any power over me because I am the only thinker in my thought world. I come to myself and I am also prepared other views or practices to recognize. I leave it feeling rushed to be loose and let things happen. The only person I can change my own. I start with the release of all criticism of myself and to love and accept who I am at this moment. Everything I come into contact, is a success. Continuing to open new doors. Life is beautiful.

I wish you much success, I am sure you will succeed. You are a very nice man and you have more than enough power for your life to your own system. Go for it!

Source: annabell.infoteur