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Thread: Chakra System: a model for medicine, psychology and business administration

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    Chakra System: a model for medicine, psychology and business administration

    Chakra System: a model for medicine, psychology and business administration

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Sometimes I refer to my presentations on intuition to the chakras in the human energy field. Almost always there are people in the audience who know what chakras are. When I was about 25 years ago, my spiritual quest began, there was not much to find about chakras. In an antiquarian, I had the standard The chakras of the Theosophist Leadbeater purchased. Anyone can present a lot to learn about the chakra system through Internet, magazines, books, workshops, DVD's etc.. On my iphone I even downloaded some applications on the chakra system.

    I expect that one years over the ten chakras system compulsory study material for students in psychology, medicine and business. And in twenty-five years will put education for teenagers in the base of the chakra system to learn. Almost all ailments and diseases originate in disturbances in the energy field of humans. And if you want healing energy, it offers many advantages to the chakras and their functioning to know.

    All organizations have an energy field or aura, as every man lives in a personal energy field or aura. In many cultures around the world were and are in the energy field of human seven distinct levels. These correspond to the seven energy centers that ensure the uptake and conversion of vital energy. Today, that energy centers generally known as chakras.

    Man has seven main chakras located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds pont representing particular areas of life. When certain chakras active (excessive) than necessary, or less active (deficient) than necessary, may experience disruptions in the aura that may express in psychological and / or physical symptoms, ailments or disorders.

    The underlying energy patterns of an organization, we can discover and improve on the basis of the life areas that correspond to the chakra system. It goes too far to explain that here, but perhaps the attached list gives an impression. "

    Chakras and related areas of life, aspects that are important for organizations.

    7. Crown Chakra: knowledge, inspiration and spirituality

    - Trust in leadership from above
    - Creating space for inspiration
    - Learning organization

    6. Forehead Chakra: insight, intuition ï tie, imagination

    - Clear vision with all stakeholders
    - Focus on intuitive impulses
    - Zelfrefectie to all concerned

    5. Throat chakra: communication, self expression, listening

    - Opportunities for disabled employees can develop to
    - Effective and efficient communication within the organization
    - First understand and then be understood

    4. Heart Chakra: love, relationships, connectedness

    - Staff feel great commitment
    - We-feeling with everyone in the institution
    - Consistent focus on the importance of the big picture

    3. Spleen Chakra: autonomy, self-esteem, willpower

    - Employees can give their own interpretation to their work
    - Employees do work that matters and are valued
    - Employees are made responsible for certain tasks

    2. Sacral Chakra: sensation, pleasure, emotions

    - Nice device, eg on the basis of principles of feng shui
    - Tasty and Healthy Food
    - Employees have fun in their work

    1. Coccyx Chakra: health, safety, trust

    - Buildings with facilities which function
    - Movement, cleanliness, quietness and regularity
    - Healthy financial situation

    The videos in this post are excerpts from a recording of a workshop by Caroline Myss on the chakras. Those who want to know can I recommend to all fragments of the workshop (2 x 10 movies of about 10 minutes) to watch via Youtube.

    Attention: aquariusage

    Source: Eagle farmer
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