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Thread: The struggle for Peace

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    The struggle for Peace

    The struggle for Peace

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Ten years ago my life changed dramatically. I had a number of loved ones lost and there was an abrupt end to my financial security, so my image of who I was in was shattered.

    Me exactly how those losses have driven me to change from within is a different story, but now, ten years later, I look back at who I used to and I feel a completely different person.

    In these articles, I will focus on the deeper insights and practical steps to me from my own personal hell have led to absolute freedom, and eventually led me to Isha Judd-created system, which now thousands of people from all over the world is used to more peace, joy and love in their lives to create.

    The transformations I have seen ten years ago took me to South America, a fascinating part of the world I previously knew almost nothing from. Since I live and travel throughout the continent.

    The following incident, which took place when I first opened a retreat center in Colombia, will help explain the nature of my message.

    ... As I was driving through the jungle, I asked the driver if the name of the head capacity para-militarists knew. I was going to bring him a visit because I had just arrived in what appeared to be his territory. The hilltop overlooking the ocean where my foundation was camped in the middle was a "red" zone, that world "protected" by the paramilitary militias that our appearance over the Sierra Nevada, the largest coastal mountain in the world.

    His name turned out to be Jesus. Ironically I thought to myself: 'Let us hope that Jesus is my friend. "
    And it was also Jesus. He was charming and delighted me so close that his beloved city learned a form of consciousness expansion. He reassured me that if I what difficulty you had, he would quickly deal with anyone who stood in the way of me. I asked but not exactly how she would "check out", just laughed and loved.

    Here was I, a spiritual teacher in the middle of the jungle that entity proposes paramilitaires in a province where guerrillas and the government only their misgenoegen had in common.

    On one days, our morning quiet peace of the rhythmic sound of the ocean overly disturbed by armed soldiers who stood firmly on our doorstep. Dressed in black, loaded with grenades and rifles that are so severe that you must be quite toned them alone to dragem she stood on our veranda with the spectacular backdrop of the tropical panorama, if intruders in someone's holiday.

    It was the anti-narcotics police of President Uribe, but we did not know until they presented themselves.
    After a few surly questions about our intentions in the region, they left their Uzis, grenades and Rambo-ball bags and belts sat down for a brief introduction about the work of the foundation.

    As she listened over awareness, unconditional love and unity above our apparent differences exist, you could clearly see their faces that they were interested and curious. But the most impressive was their response to the question "What do you want?"

    No matter where in the world I go. Whether I speak at a high security prison, an international forum, to senators, Catholic nuns or ex-guerrilla fighters ... Everyone always has the same answers.

    "Peace", said one of the soldiers. "Love," muttered another.

    Peace. A word that connects humanity in its common desire for unity. Even those who fight, fight for peace.

    Have you ever noticed that when people ask for peace, they usually cry?

    Leave me in peace!
    I just want peace!
    Stop the whining! I want peace and quiet!

    As people we always say we want peace, and soon we will fight for 'entitlement', we fight to be right. So what is really most important? Our peace or right? When we become attached to our position, that are important to us than anything else. This desire to be right, which you usually must prove that the other has no right, creates friction.

    What you fight for your life? What is your opinion has become more important than peace, or harmony? Beyond our apparent differences, is the common core of our consciousness that connects us beyond all diversity. How about this: why do not we focus on, rather than on the things that seem to separate us? If we could do that more often, then we might find the peace that we so desire.

    I do not propose that we give up our ideals, but what we really matters not forget stoically and the world we want to create inside.

    Isha Judd will visit Brussels and Amsterdam in May 2010 for the Dutch version of her book, Why walk when you can fly to launch its system for yourself why they love and consciousness expansion explains. More details will be in
    the agenda of Spiritual Magazine.

    Source: spiritueelmagazine.nl
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: The struggle for Peace


    Great to know that, you are improved person now, god always blessed you..........

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