All the paintings are made by Pablo C. Amaringo, a former but very powerful vegatalista ayahuasquero shaman. Pablo wishes, he like people to see his paintings for free, to share with the world. To take care, respect for our mother nature, our earth and to look after the rivers, the veins. He also have a painting school located in Peru, where he teach for free.

"Ayahuasca is a tea made of different plants that has been used for healing in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years. It is a visionary tea because it produces visions. The indigenous people of the rainforest consider this tea as a sacred medicine and and they drink it for the purpose of healing and transformation. It gives strong purification of body, mind and soul, it reliefs pain and stress and it gives you the opportunity to learn and to experience other levels of consciousness. It also works as a natural mood-stabilizer and it is very effective in the areas of depression and addiction."

Ayahuasca means, plants of the soul of the spirits of dead. Aya = bitter, death; Huasca = vine or root, the main basic common organic plants in Ayahuasca brew, tea are Chacruna(Psychotria viridis)-DMT and Yage(Banisteriopsis Caapi)-MAOI, or DMT(Dimethyltryptamine) + MAOI(monoamine oxidase inhibitors: based containing plants, western philosophy) like Jurema(Mimosa Hostilis)-DMT+MAOI, or Syrian Rue(Peganum harmala)-MAOI or Yopo(Anadenanthera spp.)-DMT or Acacia spp.-DMT etc, extra plants could be added to make it more stronger like Datura, Tobacco, Coca, San Pedro - Peruvian Torch or Peyote etc, but these healing plants alone are already powerful by itself and are sometimes common ingredients which get reduced cooked-in with all the plants in water for 12-24 hours to make a extraction, a very potent brew, tea from the ancient sacred master teaching curing plants.¨

"Ayahuasca can only be used organic, wild grow from a special mixture of selected plants, a plant that contain (neuron-brain-hormones, called DMT) and a plant that contain stomach enzymes, called MAOI)
Important when want to take Ayahuacsa its very important to prepare weeks/months before the ceremonial ritual, always eat organic, detox body, fast days before, only take on empty stomach, take no Drugs/Alcohol/Pharmaceuticals/Sugar/Salt /Synthetic Candy etc, and have a strict MAOI Diet, and have deep respect for the plants, the plant will then also have respect, love for you. If not followed these simple basic rules, heart-attack, or worst death can happen, be warned! don't be a fool!"


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