New Bear Grylls Knife

The new Bear Grylls knife of choice has been officially announced on the Bayley Knives website. Many Survival Topics readers know Grylls from the shows Man verses Wild and Born Survivor Bear Grylls on television and I thank you for pointing out this new version.

An integral piece of Bear Grylls survival kit, the new Bear Grylls survival knife seems to be quite similar to the original blade with a few notable changes. However cost remains exceedingly high and the price of Bear Grylls knife is just under US$700 depending upon the current rate of exchange.

The most obvious difference between the original and new Bear Gryll knife is the addition of an interrupted edge consisting of six indentations starting from the where the blade meets the choil and extending some 40mm (1.5748 inches) along the blade. Although I am unsure of the usefulness of this feature in actual survival situations it makes the blade appear more technical and may therefore lead to more sales.

A more useful difference between Grylls’ original survival knife and the newer version is that the G10 handle has been textured for a better grip. G10 knife handles are made by soaking fiberglass in special resins; the compressed result is moisture proof and stable under adverse climate and usage.
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Bear Grills New Knife

The new Bear Grylls survival knife has two new features; a section of interupted blade and an improved handle grip.

The leather knife sheath made for horizontal carry seems to have essentially remained the same.

He writes “… it [the new Bear Grylls knife] has turned out very similar to ones we used in the SAS”.

Indeed in reviewing knives used by the Special Air Service (British) you can see the basic chunky knife design is similar in many respects. This is not surprising as Grylls served in the SAS for some three years.

Bear Grylls Knife Specifications:

* Hand Polished Clip Point Blade
* RWL Powder Steel
* Full Slotted Tang Construction
* One Piece Guard
* Weight: 200 grams (7 ounces)
* Handle: 115mm (4.5276 inches) ergonomic textured G10
* Blade Thickness: 4mm (.1575 inches)
* Blade Height: 30mm (1.1811 inches)
* Total Blade Length: 100mm (3.9370 inches)
* Interrupted Edge Length: approx 40mm (1.5748 inches)
* Cutting Edge Length: approx 60mm (2.3622 inches)

The made to order Bear Grylls knives will likely be of limited quantity and may be of more interest to knife collectors than those seeking the best survival knife.