Just what we need more surveillance!

The next generation of post- incandescent and post-HP sodium lights are currently giving way to much more energy-efficient and digitally- compatible LED systems, which will eventually be lighting up our city streets and country roads.

These LEDs are connected to an Internet-like network, which with the easy add-ons, of chemical sensors and cameras that provide license plate-, facial- and gait recognition technologies - and all of which, when fed into the proposed cloud-based SmartGrid "Internet of things," that is currently being railroaded through our legal systems, will make virtually every moment of any individual's life a matter of public record.

CBS's Bill Whittaker discusses both the advantages in overall efficiency and the complete invasion of privacy that is now underway and how this technology is leagues ahead of any proper legislation.

Police State Smart Lights: New LEDs Allow NSA to Spy on Your Every Movement