Hit Apple’s (AAPL) online store today and you’ll see a banner ad below all the usual images advertising products like the iPhone and iPod Nano.

Proclaming, “Wrap it up this Friday,” the ad boasts a “special one-day shopping event” for the upcoming Black Friday, the massive shopping day that follows Thanksgiving and usually sees a lot of deals in retail stores, especially for people who get up early.

Apple has been known to put up Black Friday sales, and last year’s was nothing to abandon early morning shopping plans over -- the company reduced some of its more expensive items, like Macbooks, by around $100.

This year, however, with iPad wreaking havoc as far as sales are concerned and topping many gift lists, retailers expect to move quite a few of Apple’s tabs. It’s a pretty safe bet to say we’ll see some kind of price reduction on the iPad from Apple; the question, obviously, is how much?

If you guess $100, you’re probably right. That would be in line with reduced-price iPads that have been showing up in stores already. Selected T.J. Maxx and Macy’s stores (TJX, M) across the country are carrying a few iPads for $399 (shaving $100 off the normal list price for the lowest-price iPads).

However, if Apple goes nuts and cuts iPads down even more, it might be an indication that we really are nearing the release of the iPad 2, as was speculated a few days ago. An analyst from Wedge Partners thinks Apple is working on production for the new, carrier-free tab right now, and that part of the next step moving forward will be to reduce iPad inventory. One great way to do that: slash the price substantially, especially for a one-day publicity stunt-type arrangement. And, as we all know, the one-day publicity stunt is Apple’s preferred means of operation (see also: Beatles on iTunes announcement).
Galaxy spinning up for Black Friday too

Black Friday is going to be a pretty massive event this year -- word is, retailers aren’t doing so well and want to make up as much as they can in sales from the rest of the year -- and you can expect to find all kinds of deals if you get up early enough.

One notable deal you can get at any Sprint (S) or Verizon (VZ) store is Samsung’s (005930.KS) Galaxy Tab at $50 off the list price, according to PC World. That drops the price of the Galaxy, with a 3G contract from one of the carriers, to $350. Of course, that doesn’t take into account any of the fees you’ll pay for various wireless plans -- but this does.

PC World also found a bunch of other deals for Galaxy on Black Friday and put together a list.

Meanwhile, if you’re not in the market for a tablet this Friday (or even if you are) and you have your iPhone handy, we ran down a few new apps for holiday shopping on our Fresh Apps list a few days ago. Those will get you started, but if you want to turn your iPhone into a serious deal-sniffing tool, add them to our list of Black Friday app essentials.