Imagine if your cell phone, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders or other low-power portable can have unlimited power, no need to recharge the battery, no longer need your iPhone, iPod or any other devices into the AC outlet . A new technology developed by the RCA can be used as an emergency power supply, he had to suck Wi - Fi signal energy, constantly charging the battery to the device. This may be a portable power source to solve all the answers.

The first product is AirPower charger, planned for sale during the holidays. Charger (about the size of a flip phone) can absorb any Wi - Fi signal energy to charge the battery automatically. Once the charge (about 5-6 hours), then you can connect via USB to any low-power devices to its charge, charging time and use the same AC power supply. When AirPower in charge, you can also use your device.

You never need to AirPower charge, put it in place with WiFi and then it will automatically charge the. If you carry it, it will automatically absorb energy when you passed or remain in an energy point.

This can work? An RCA Exec explained to me, it rumination and conversion 2.4GHz WiFi signals. We will do our best in the next few days, a more comprehensive interpretation.

Price not yet determined, but the technology is not confined to a single charger. RCA said, AirPower can be embedded inside the device continued to charge the battery.