Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ Android App, “Silent Passenger”, Gives Customers Fleet Management Access On-the-Go

Deer Park, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2010

Vehicle Tracking Solutions, a leading provider of GPS fleet management services, has introduced a free downloadable “app” for the Android phone that interacts with the fleet supervisor’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions account. Called Silent Passenger, this GPS tracking Android app offers flexibility and mobility to fleet and operations management enabling them to modify settings, get reports, or monitor vehicle status, all from their smart phone.

The Silent Passenger Android App is an extension of VTS’ Silent Passenger web-based vehicle tracking system, a cutting edge application that integrates detailed, current maps from Microsoft BING! with up-to-date traffic information and turn-by-turn driving directions. Because it is web-based, it has always been available on any computer, anywhere. But with the introduction of Silent Passenger for Android, this indispensable fleet management application is now available in the palm of the customer’s hand when using an Android Mobile Cell.

According to Kerri Allmer, of Vehicle Tracking Solutions, “The Silent Passenger Android App is the easiest way to monitor vehicles while on-the go. Available to all Vehicle Tracking Solutions customers, this app will allow viewing of a fleet’s up-to-the-minute whereabouts and run historical stop reports, all from the Android mobile phone. Our goal has always been to maintain technological dominance in this rapidly evolving market, thus offering our customers the best product out there. Every advancement we incorporate places more power and efficiency into the business owner’s hands.”

Once the app is downloaded, the current status of the entire fleet of vehicles is displayed. The app enables the user to zoom in and zoom back out in both map view and satellite view, depending on requirements. The user can also touch an individual vehicle on the screen and view details such as what road the vehicle is currently driving on, or run a status report on that vehicle. The setting tab allows management to track a subgroup of vehicles as well.

The landmarks tool creates a set of driving directions by accessing a database of landmarks -- customer locations, employee addresses and any other frequently visited addresses. Directions can be easily accessed from landmark to landmark via touch screen. The user simply searches for the start point landmark, sets it, then searches and sets the end point landmark. The directions will appear for the most efficient route, utilizing up to the minute traffic and routing information.