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Thread: Odd Radio Blast heard before Colorado Massacre

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    Re: Odd Radio Blast heard before Colorado Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
    Yes, and what about all the repition in the hip hop and rap music that these young people like to listen to.
    Yep. It's all being used to hypnotize people. It's not just rap. That Lady Gaga style of crap that they call music is bad for that too.

    It's all hypnotic repetitive tones that put people into trance. and then once their in that trance state, they are fed subliminals. It's no different than the signal coming from those towers.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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    Re: Odd Radio Blast heard before Colorado Massacre

    I've always suspected that, if we're speculating in the wrong direction however, the hip hop/rap has to be the worst "music" by far to come out. On the up side it allows people who normally wouldn't make it in the music business make a fortune, if you can call that an upside.

    Come on, you really should have some talent to get up before thousands of people, shouldn't you?

    P. S. I surely missed the boat on that one! Who would've thunk?
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