From, the story of how a user's data on his iPhone, iPad and Mac were lost and his accounts hacked:On Friday, I wrote about how Gizmodo's Twitter account was hacked. It turns out that this was Apple's fault.

Let's take a step back. Over the weekend, it quickly became clear that the bigger story was how the whole thing started. First, former Gizmodo employee Mat Honan's iCloud account was hacked. The hacker then remotely wiped his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air, got into his Gmail account, his Twitter account, and finally Gizmodo's Twitter account.

When this came to light, I updated my article with a link to Honan's blog: Emptyage. Once Honan regained access to his iCloud account, he was able to retrace the hacker's steps through password reset emails. With this new Apple tidbit, however, it's worth looking at what Honan found:

More at How Apple let a hacker remotely wipe an iPhone, iPad, MacBook.

A couple of webpages suggesting ways to reduce one's risk to hacks such as these:

Mat Honan apparently never heard of back his data up, I find this strange:
The attack cost Honan most of his personal data (he didn’t backup the information) including family photos that may be unrecoverable.