In order to understand what I will be writing here we need to look at earth history. It is well known from many sources that before the flood and before the 'fall of man', life on earth used to be much longer. Why is this so and why did it change?

The biggest difference between the times before the flood and after the flood was that there was no Moon at that time in orbit around Earth. There is a wealth of new information coming on this subject so you are free to research it before we go any further as I realize this is a difficult concept to grasp but the numbers are staggering once you understand them and pretty much provide mathematical proof that the moon was an artificial insert into our program. We have also already established that the number 25640 is an extremely important number which gives us the number of rotations the earth must make around the sun from the beginning of one cycle until its end. Since the universe is inherently fractal and each successive body is a fractal expression of its previous higher level, this means that this number will apply on all the levels of creation. What I am trying to say (already explained in the book on my site to which you can find the link in my signature) is that the sun is the next fractal expression of the galaxy, the earth of the sun, the human of the earth etc.

The situation on earth before the flood was that the fractal expressions were in their natural order, the sun was an expression of the galaxy, the earth of the sun and the human of the earth. This meant there was a clear mathematical connection by the evolutionary cycles of all these three expressions. But before we understand what happened back then, we need to understand how this reality is structured right now. To begin with this we need to understand what is an anomalistic month, which length is exactly 27.554 days. In very simplified terms an anomalistic month is the time it takes for the moon to make one orbit and be in the 'exact' same position in reference to earth, even though it may be slightly different as reference to the sun, stars or any other body. It is the relationship of moon vs earth that we are most concerned with here.

First lets do the simple version of how the moon hacked into the human life with mathematical precision as I understand many people will have trouble digesting the more complex one:
Before the fall: Average human life span: 930.5 years
After the fall: Average human life span 72.02 years
Decrease by a factor: 12.92
Anomalistic months in a year: 12.92
It can be very clearly seen that the decrease of human life was EXACTLY the same as the factor by which our earth year was carved up by Moon years (the time the moon makes a full rotation in an anomalistic way). In the very simplified terms, humans continued to live 930 years, but instead of earth years they began to live moon years for the simple fact that now their 'fractal parent' was the moon and not the earth.

Ok, now that we have some overview and direct connection let's see how we came with those numbers and how the human average life span today fits with the cycles of the moon and the greater cycles of the earth, sun and galaxy. The 25640 number in its very core means rotations of one body around the body of its next level of fractal expression.
The situation today:
25640 rotations of a human around the earth center takes exactly 72.02 years, which is an average life span of humans today
25640 rotations of the moon around the earth, takes exactly 1984.54 years as calculated using an anomalistic month, which is very significant as huge major events seem to happen every 2000 years since the moon has been in orbit.
25640 rotations on the earth around the sun is exactly 12.92 multiplied by 1984.54. This means that the moon goes through 12.92 cycles during the time the earth has one cycle. Of course the significance of the humber 13 is immense as given by many ancient sources such as the Maya and Toltec.
Now the situation before the moon came into orbit:
25640 rotations of a human around the earth took 72.02 years but since there was no moon to impede human connection to earth, this was not a human cycle but the real cycle was exactly 12.92 times bigger (as can be seen today by the relationship of moon vs earth). This gives us the number of 930.5 years (which is accepted as the average life span of humans before the fall from several sources such as bible texts, the law of one channeling, other ancient books etc)
More so extremely important was that one major earth cycle of 25640 rotations of the earth around the sun, contained exactly 27.554 human cycles (which is the factor of moon rotation around the earth compared to a single rotation of earth)

The cycles of the earth with the Sun:
254 000 000 million years is the time the sun makes one rotation around the galaxy center.
If we carve this into 360 degrees (again a very significant number) we receive that each degree takes 705 555 years
If we divide each degree by the factor of the moon which is 27.554 we get approximately 25640 (the number is approximate as the period the sun turns around the center of the galaxy has not been measured in exact terms by modern science but I believe we can receive this number by multiplying 27.554*360*25640 = 254 334 441.6)
This last paragraph shows us that the chosen fraction of 27.554 for the moon was calculated in exact terms relative to much higher cosmic mathematics and was designed to interfere not only with our connection to earth but to the sun and galaxy itself.
Moon cycles today:
We established that one moon cycle takes 1984.54 years. Let's see what happened for the last three moon cycles as unfortunately we don't have much information to analyze any further.
40th century BC: One look at wikipedia and we see that many important events are associated with this century. Not the least that freemasons regard it as 'year zero'.
20th century BC: Again don't take my word for it and take a look at wikipedia. Many important events are associated with this century and its roll over to the 20th BC. Most notably the beginning of the major 'prophets' in the bible. As dubious as the background of the forces behind those prophets it is clear that this was an important temporal marker for them
Year Zero: If we take the birth/death of Jesus at 0-50AD (again a very important temporal marker for the forces behind the creation of his persona), and take it as the end/beginning of a moon cycle once we add 1984.5 years to it we get to present time and the very obvious end of one cycle and the beginning of another with a little twist. This is the LAST cycle of the moon where according to our natural laws it must come to a close of its major cycle and experience DEATH. Just as those early humans experienced death at 930 years of age.

In very simple terms, all this calculation means one thing. That the moon took the place of humans as natural fractal expressions of the galaxy/sun/earth and is currently moving through its very last cycle. Subsequently the humans and all other life on earth was degraded by one level of its respective fractal expression and was effectively plugged out of the galaxy/sun/earth/human fractal and plugged into the moon field which produced directly measurable and observable effects.

Fractal tree before: Galaxy -> Sun -> Earth -> Human -> Animals -> Insects -> Trees -> Elements
Fractal tree after: Galaxy -> Sun -> Earth -> Moon -> Human -> Animals -> Insects -> Trees -> Elements