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Thread: New NASA LRO Moon Images

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    New NASA LRO Moon Images

    LRO's First Moon Images

    NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has transmitted its first images since reaching the moon on June 23. The spacecraft's two cameras, collectively known as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, or LROC, were activated June 30. The cameras are working well and have returned images of a region in the lunar highlands south of Mare Nubium (Sea of Clouds).

    As the moon rotates beneath LRO, LROC gradually will build up photographic maps of the lunar surface.

    "Our first images were taken along the moon's terminator -- the dividing line between day and night -- making us initially unsure of how they would turn out," said LROC Principal Investigator Mark Robinson of Arizona State University in Tempe. "Because of the deep shadowing, subtle topography is exaggerated, suggesting a craggy and inhospitable surface. In reality, the area is similar to the region where the Apollo 16 astronauts safely explored in 1972. While these are magnificent in their own right, the main message is that LROC is nearly ready to begin its mission."

    NASA - LRO's First Moon Images

    LRO First Light images of the Moon! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

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    Re: New NASA LRO Moon Images

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