Click on link below to see outstanding Lunar definition;even so still some areas appear blurred but you can see some strange anomalies here and there.
The Finished Image

Hover over the image and use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Click and drag to move around the Moon. Alternatively, use the zoom controls in the bottom right-hand corner of the image. There is also a full-screen button.
The image is displayed using Microsoft Deep Zoom and Seadragon technology, which loads the image in real-time as you zoom. On slower internet connections, it may take a few seconds after you zoom in for the full detail to be downloaded.

This image has been verified by Guinness World Records as setting a new record for the world's largest ground-based lunar image mosaic. It contains 288 separate high resolution panes, painstakingly stitched and matched together to form a seamless image. All the panes were shot during a single night to ensure that the Moon is at the same phase across the image, and despite difficult conditions on the night, the angular (detail) resolution is, as you can see by zooming in, incredibly high.

Lunar World Record 2009