Forbidden History of the Moon (Alex Collier)

(Translated: From Dutch)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We live in interesting times. We share a general interest in our country and our world. We are temporarily interested in new and previously provided information and discoveries about space, until our daily existence of survival prevails. I would like to give you information about the Moon and our solar system. This information I received from the Andromedan cosmonauts.

I hope I can add something to the information and hidden revelations, as I have my friends Andromeda was reminded that we are all pieces of the jigsaw. I offer this view as a piece of the jigsaw. I do not want to do this deficit. I got this information from the accepted notion that a small part of a much larger drama that is in our backyard and our house playing. This information was for a certain period of contact points, both physical and telepathic. The following is the vision of our Andromedan Mon

Our Moon has an atmosphere that in many respects similar to that of the Earth. In many large craters on the visible and the invisible hand, the atmosphere is denser than sea level on Earth, it is claimed. Our Moon has a small exit to the North Pole and the crust is thinner in some places. It is only 33 miles thick in places and other 53 kilometer.

We are told that our Moon is dry, one million times drier than the Gobi desert. The Andromedan this depends on where you are. They say that the invisible hand many underground lakes has a huge size. Irrigation and soil formation takes place on the invisible side of the surface, but underground is the visible side with the intention to hide it. Apollo 15 discovered and took pictures of clouds of water vapor to the hidden side. This seems very strange and unusual as the Moon really has little atmosphere. Clouds would be impossible.

The age of the lunar dust is 6.2 billion years and has chemical compounds and chemicals that are not on Earth are found. In fact, many chemical compounds found not meeting the public were published. There are many others we have yet to discover because our science is not yet sufficiently developed. The lunar dust was not the rocks that form its mountains and craters. This is some scientists announced Mon. There is not discussed, but whispered. So, where does that moon dust come from?

The Andromedan say the dust and Ursa Minor are many rocks. The location is called a solar (Orion pronunciation) "CHOWTA. This is a binary star system or a system with two suns. We know many such examples in our system. "CHOWTA" is a very large system, which includes 21 planets, 47 moons. Of the Moon is said to be made near the 17th planet of this system.

Parts of the lunar crust is radioactive. Apollo 15 discovered this. In particular in the Apennines mountains. Why was this such a hot topic in the news? The Andromedan said that this was because quite a few nuclear waste have been brought, which again were used as fuel for spaceships that have built the world government. Many ships carrying nuclear fuel are obsolete. So, how is the Moon here? I was told by the Andromedan in the tail of an asteroid that was placed to put this solar system. Same asteroid circles our part of the galaxy every 25,156 Earth years. The Andromedan have said that our moon has been inhabited periodically throughout its history of 1.8 million Earth years.

The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities by the ET's and later by the people of Earth are built. There are seven openings in the crust of the Moon and the underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters were so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedan say that this is because much of the surface is built on top of a metal skin of a spinning top of a spaceship, or 'mothership battle ", as the Andromedan describes. An example of a large but shallow crater, the crater Gagarin. This crater is about 280 miles wide, but only 7 to 8 kilometers deep. Given the shock and the extent of the impact on the surface would have had, the crater at least 4 to 6 times as deep to be. In fact, all the same craters, they are too shallow. They are inconsistent with current science.

Many craters have been artificially created. The Andromedan said many craters at the edge, in fact once used as domed cities and other large craters as storage depots for spacecraft were about 200 vessels.

The surface bases consisted of 9 domed cities the size of a small town. Small lakes or ponds were scattered across the surface. The remains of these domed structures were discovered by NSA astronauts, Russian astronauts and the NASA Apollo astronauts. The true military complex of the moon is now underground. The inputs of the ET and human bases to the two poles, the Taurus Mountains, the Jules Verne crater and Archimedes. These are the original inputs. The black government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complex. The extension is for the operation of civilian scientists and the military for World Order. The Andromedan explain that this was a military outpost because it was necessary in our part of the galaxy to end a rebellion. The staff consists of reptilian, half human / half reptile and those known as human.

Many of the original buildings on the surface of the Moon were destroyed during which the Andromedan describe as the "Conflict of the Black Alliance. This was a battle between people of different systems that formed a secret alliance and the domination of the Orion Empire fought. A continuous destruction took place on one side of the Moon when it was transported by space debris. The side that has suffered the heaviest is the visible side. The destruction was the result of weapons, particle emitters, when the Moon in an orbit of Mardek was now a destroyed planet. Our present Moon was one of two moons that orbit as described. The second moon, I was told, is the moon Phobos. It has also been destroyed, and that Venus had a moon of Uranus. Uranus has an abundant plant and mammal life. Glass that is so abundant on the surface of the Moon is spread comes from the domed cities that are also found in mother battle. I just want to explain why it is that the moon has gravity. Well this is a scientific explanation by Andromedan which goes against the view of our current science. But nevertheless, here is the Andromedan statement on the phenomenon of gravitational Mon

Our sun produces a highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. This frequency is on average one trillion cycles per second. This frequency is located between the lower part of the infrared and radar band. This radiation from the Sun causes gravity, not the rotation of the planet. I will further explain in part the hollow Earth. The Andromedan science claims that any planetary body that at least 44 kilometers and is exposed to the sun, holds the possibility of a gravitational field even if it is not its own axis.

The Andromedan I have referred to the following sequence of events. They said the information included. So far I have not seen. So, I give this information in good faith, hoping that it is accurate.

When the NSA astronauts on the surface of the moon arrived they were with their guides, the gray taken to the underground facilities where the remains and skeletons of reptilian creatures and human beings were found. Orion Technology was also detected. This location was identified as the Andromedan below the crater Jules Verne. The Andromedan say that the size of this facility was hidden in the invisible side of the moon, about the size of New York.

These huge underground facilities contain large lakes, plant life of Earth, alien uniforms sewing machines, food warehouses and hangars for space ships. Also witnesses alien written texts on the walls in the portals of this. NSA astronauts also were shown eight vaults that were sealed, but I got no information about the content of these vaults. Artificial terrestrial environments are created all the time the staff by the World Government had chosen to provide housing.

The human leader of this base or facility is Mr.Secretaris mentioned. The track will now housing some 36,719 human beings of the Earth, a small colony, all born Aryans. In line with the work above and below the ground has been made to expand the facilities, provide the Andromedan a population of 600,000 in the near future. There is much contact between regressive aliens on the Moon and the people of the world order.

Currently, the World Order 53 UFO-shaped spacecraft to the moon on the Earth are built. There are also other weapons on the moon built, such as particle emitters, lasers, nuclear and antimatter weapons bomsatellieten. Anti Gravity Variations from the Earth were used for equipment and tools to send to the moon. Pine Gap, Australia, and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean, the major launch sites. Even Siberia in Russia is a different location.

It is the outer side of the Moon created an atmosphere on the surface for an extended occupation. There's also water, lakes and vegetation. They have literally created a habitable area. From this place World Government decided in March 1959 to go to Mars. The top secret program was developed and launched by the massive Soviet Union, simply because of its natural resources and size. They could actually do everything in secret. When first arriving on the Moon, astronauts reopened the World Order through the gray old underground facility. We (the Americans) had a working colony on the moon since 1961 according to the Andromedan.

When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order has been there for some time. This knowledge and technology were not disclosed at the lower levels of NASA and our military. NASA was like a curtain used to mislead people about what was happening. The astronauts were silenced under threat and that is still the case.

I would regard this an old story or a telling incident, the Andromedan think it important. I have not been able to obtain some information about it, but because the Andromedan specifically pointed out, I think it becomes known to favor. In 1953 Earth satellites and radar showed large objects that are to Earth came. These were the mother ships of the gray. This time-traveling spacecraft were the same vessels were seen at Venus in 1787, 1788 and 1789. In the year 1645 a large moon with Venus seen four times came and went. This was a mothership from Sirius B. In November 1844 was the big ship that part of Mars illuminated, an Orion mothership. Same ship lit Mercury in 1799. The same ship, spherical, spherical, crossed the Sun on March 26, 1859.

When clips from July 29, 1878, the two large glowing bodies that were seen between Mercury and Venus, mother ships of the Pleiades and Andromeda, which our part of the Galaxy pulled.

In 1783 and 1787 were the big bright lights on the moon were seen no volcanoes. They were Pleiadian mother ship, the creation of a government with its own laws inspired, the first on earth - America. In February of 1894 was the huge object photographed battle mother of Alpha Draconis. On April 4, 1892, the ship that crossed the surface of the moon not a big bird, but it was a spaceship that apparently had wings. It was a ship of Alpha Draconis. The same space was the last in our solar system January 27, 1912.

Ladies and gentlemen, this time in which we live and will be known in our future as the end of ignorance. We, as a planetary race, must familiarize ourselves with the idea that the truth must survive. We have important challenges to face and, the truth is, we must do everything in our hands forces. We are torn, desperate that we betrayed. But please, let us not give up. We are able to be heroes. We can save the world and our freedom. We have to believe each other and ourselves.

Galactic Federation:

Our people on the moon - the truth behind our human mission unveiled (Sheldan Nidle)

Already many centuries our ancestors dreamed to travel to the moon and back. Only in the last century, a seemingly impossible journey quite feasible. Interest grew in the sixties with the 'space race' between the United States and the Soviet Union. From that competition finally came to the Apollo moon mission. Sent a crew of Apollo 9 astronauts on a mission to the moon to circle around either or the moon landing. Yet there are still many questions hanging around this issue, including: Apollo actually landed on the moon? As the astronauts were actually on their way to the moon? What they experienced on the moon? Let our's examine these important questions yet to see what really happened.
The truth about the moon

Contrary to popular belief, the Moon is in fact no natural satellite but an artificial, the natural satellites of Mother Earth for at the tragic destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis later in the distant past. The unmanned lunar rovers in the first half of the sixties landed on the moon, did tests to prove that the moon rang like a phone, "an unusual phenomenon was the result of a shell of a titanium alloy that the lunar crust was covered . Moreover, the atmosphere of the moon quite low, with a specific gravity much higher than the generally accepted scientific view on the Earth. Also exists between the Earth and the moon is a multi-layered belt was called Allen belt, every trip to the moon, potentially dangerous.
The bizarre early Apollo

During most of the sixties Apollo worked under heavy burden of a mandate by the President to the U.S. astronauts before the end of the decade to land on the moon. As a result, the real powers behind the "battle space" to put pressure on the strangest ways to behave, leaving serious questions could be placed on the Apollo program. For his scientific critics seem the Apollo project or a huge mass deception or secrecy to be.

In fact, both took place. Apollo was surrounded by a huge UFO cover-up 'and also charged with a space agency that was strongly influenced by the exotic technology, which was due to the secrecy. Dark global operations, which were created by the ruling schemers of this world to join with the "presence of the aliens' and their exotic technology, the space race were closely monitored. Recognizing the period 1950 to 1970 had to do with the many bizarre consequences of the 'cold war', and Apollo proved no exception to the rule. On the Moon were different bases of the aliens and the advice of our military leaders and planners to the Moon was given top priority ..
Apollo was a great deception, a cover-up, or was it real?

The Moon was a prospective basis, already secretly occupied by different groups of aliens and their invited guests: global manipulators of dark operations. Many leaders in global operations dark saw Apollo as a way to obtain important benefits for their earthly masters with these strange aliens. But they demanded a neat, waterproof, gripping story to avoid sudden public concern over the confidentiality of the existence of these ET's.

Towards the public, these men with the right equipment into the public came, the heroes of the Apollo mission, who boldly through space travel in a normal, developed by the rocket science equipment. In fact, the astronauts merely puppets, who were obliged to secrecy by an oath to the government. Nothing was as it seemed. A complex story with sinister purposes was put in motion. Apollo had to go to the Moon, but not to discover what was there before. In reality, the Apollo program was used as a trump card in negotiations with the global "top-secret alien" operations of the dark star States.

Starting in the late 1950s, had the same group dark aliens several selected military and civilian scientists brought their underground bases Mon. Global operations had their dark on ET-based technology needed by either the crashed UFOs to save it back either by developing the vessels in the ETs had given them. Still felt gloomy global manipulators are an essential tool missed. They were further to find ways to obtain more advanced ET technology and greater freedom for their special operations in the Mon alien bases. Global dark manipulators had a strategy. It took Apollo.

Apollo's smokescreen

The Apollo project was very special equipment to develop his "deadline" at the end of the decade to achieve. The public had the equipment at all times seem normal. The global community had totally convinced that we went to the Moon, while only missiles and other advanced matching technology. Then had the intelligence and advanced propulsion technologies are easy to hide his ET. Moreover, the Moon was exactly similar to the earlier description of the scientists. For this to happen, the Apollo project from the beginning divided into three parts, like Caesar's Gaul. First established global evil manipulators a purpose-built television studio in a secret underground location. Second, the Apollo astronauts intentionally poorly focused or "grainy" video cameras for use on the passed Mon The third gave the Apollo project later some manipulated and / or specially crafted images free, so Apollo real enough to look and not the existence of ET and their extravagant technology revealed. Selected optical scientists and engineers, who "borrowed" from other world were dark secret projects, had these manufactured.

From the beginning of the Apollo program required unusually high levels of internal secrecy and special targeted advertising. To succeed in global evil manipulators were re-consult their real masters, the diverse group of secret plotters who had long had an influence in controlling the movement and its main donor governments on Earth. The mass media should be prevented at the "right places" to trace, making it expensive cover-up would be destroyed. The key management departments and related agencies in the Apollo project and they had to be stopped to attend to sudden 'independent investigations. A pre-fabricated "united front", like this was the massive cover-up its successful arrival. So Apollo was always an outward appearances arguing that it was not a military operation. In accordance with this fiction, Apollo was only a scientific expedition in search for our closest neighbor, Mon Apollo was in fact a contrary mission of a global cabal to obscure the dark ET's our secret trump card show, making them much needed concessions they could get.

Apollo to the Moon to reach the global evil manipulators used some of its re-developed ET technology, which was clearly designed to Apollo to assist in a successful landing on the Moon and return safely to Earth. This equipment was also able crew of three men to protect against the dangerous radiation that they would encounter in the Earth / Moon space. Global dark cabal strongly believed that both good and bad ET's precisely the many journeys of Apollo to the Moon would follow. Therefore they developed a specific code for important facts to the "ground control" to communicate. But this code had half, more sinister purpose: to keep the public ignorant of what really happened at the Apollo. For example, on a flight UFOs were identified as 'Santa Claus' and, during a trip around the Moon for Christmas one astronaut said: "There is really a Santa Claus. The code he meant that many scout ships (or UFOs) Apollo guidance. Many other 'tricks' were applied to this perfect cover-up prior to arrival.

A trip to the Moon

Each manned Apollo mission to the Moon was conducted as a project consisting of three parts. First, the actual Apollo crew and their immediate equipment. Second, a continuing series of secret television studio work that was needed for the projected image of a dark and vacuum moon to the public to transfer. Finally, the photos were made during the flight, had "changed" before they are like moon photos could be made public. As previously mentioned, these pictures were very carefully to bring the Apollo cover-up sustain. Some obscure global operation 'producers' and their major executives manipulated all these elements into a whole. These producers had direct access to the Apollo mission and to its major stations, including the Apollo Mission Control Center in Texas and Florida. Every aspect was followed by a prepared manual. The doomed Apollo 13 mission was the only exception. However, the difficulties of Apollo 13 were not caused by an exploding fuel cell, but carrying a secret cargo to the moon, which was a small plutonium bomb.

This mission was stopped by a fast, well-placed shot from a particle beam weapon, which was on board a UFO spaceship next. The real hidden agenda of global dark cabal was clearly detected and prevented. Global sinister manipulators were planning such "equipment" to the Moon to send to use them to pry more concessions from their dark alien allies. Global dark cabal used such incidents also a crucial point in their dark allies clear. Apart from the fact what happened in space, the dark cabal was always able to these incidents as easy to conceal if their decades-term conspiracy related to the dark star States. Apollo 13 was gracious home with the help of several friendly UFOs in the vicinity. Using tractor beam and other life support technology, enabled the UFO Apollo ships able to circle around the moon first, then a successful landing on Earth.

Apollo: his lessons.

This sudden discovery caused the expected dissolution of the manned Apollo Lunar Program. Very quickly banned both the forces of the Galactic Federation of Light bases on the Moon and Mars, as the dark stars represents further manned missions that were planned, except the approved Apollo 17 mission.

The simple truth was that Apollo had not really intended to bring people to the Moon. Behind the Hollywood-like production and a massive cover-up was the fact that the Apollo mission was an attempt to sabotage and fraud Mon. Apollo's death brought a swift end to the first chapters of the very wide publicity surrounding manned space programs in America. It does not create the technical back end development programs of global dark cabal, or his real plans for 'star wars'. The truth is out there. However, as the saying goes, that's another story.

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