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Thread: Alien vehicle on the moon: Lunar Track Evidence

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    Alien vehicle on the moon: Lunar Track Evidence

    Look at these tracks on the moon:

    Strange activity on the moon and unknown objects leaving clear tracks in the ancient lunar dust.
    The objects are as large as a house and have moved up hills and around craters.

    moon ufo "Unidentified Flying Object" "Extraterrestrial Life" Alien Aliens Space Universe Planet Secret Outer Galaxy Invasion Astronomy Apollo Roswell Launch "Apollo Program"

    "...it is as impossible to confirm UFOs in the present as it will be to deny them in the future." ~Dr. Wernher von Braun

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    Re: Alien vehicle on the moon: Lunar Track Evidence

    Could these be 'alien' tracks? Sure, why not. Could they be whoever is running the inside of the ship we call the moon (or what I have deemed the Death Star)? Sure, anything's possible. could they be millions of years old as the video suggests? Sure. Could they be fresh tracks? Of course.

    As for WHAT the objects are or WHO the objects are. Don't kid yourselves, even if the objects are as large as the person who made the video suggests, it could still be a who. Not all living beings are the size we are accustomed to. there are much larger beings we are not aware of and there are much much smaller beings we are not aware of. This of course taking into account all life forms that we as humans have encountered and are public knowledge.

    To think that there would be NO activity on the surface of the moon, is just ridiculous. There's bound to be activity on all kinds of objects in space. Arrogance tells us that there's nothing. Well, arrogance and science and our governments anyway.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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