This is real footage from Apollo 11

Learn about the true nature of N.A.S.A. Nasa had discovered that the Earths Moon was inhabited when they viewed the first images sent back from Ranger 7 in 1964. Ranger 7 sent back over 4000 images showing life on the Moon. Nasa is a branch of the United States Military Air Force. Going to the moon in 1969 was not to land on the Moon. It was for Military observation, documentation and study of the highly advanced intelligence that resides on the Moon. The Apollo Program was created to pacify public interest in the Moon and the solar system and take their mind off the current phenomenon of that time.

This presentation breaks the debunkers back.
The information in these videos shows undeniable proof that N.A.S.A and the United States Military as well as some other countries have knowledge that the Moon is inhabited. This is why they have never been back.

This video will also provide reasonable understanding that the recent Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) was another hoax only to cover the endless lies that Nasa has been feeding the public since their birth.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) supposed live footage had defects in the footage #1 It appeared as though it was an image of craters loaded into photo shop and zoomed in.
#2. Viewers did not see rocket/bomb in front of the satellite camera.
#3. There was no obvious explosion or impact on the supposed camera that followed the explosive tool.
#4. Nasa told the public prior to the impact, that the plume could be observed through telescopes.
#5. Fact not one observatory recorded the impact plume.
Nasa has always operated with this type of trickery.
See the truth in these 3-4 presentations then I dare anyone who don't want to believe what is being told here to download the original and do the research. These presentations show that the Apollo missions encountered many Ufos. They also show the evidence that Nasa uses Hollywood style movie tricks.

Part 2 the Nasa Deception - Evidence of Life On The Moon Breaking the Skeptics Backs

Just some things I have found in my research of the original released footage by Nasa.
Super imposing astronauts or equipment into real footage or an image of the Moon.
They have been using “green screens” before Hollywood began using them for special effects.
Nasa Jpl started using it for super imposing Astronauts into actual film footage of the Moon,
the color used when faking the footage was closer to yellow or off white.
I have found that much of the film footage of the astronauts walking on the moon is actually live film footage with the astronauts super imposed over it.
You can find this out in most cases by obtaining the best quality footage first.
Then open it into a video enhancement program.
Slow the section down that is suspected to be faked.
By slowing the footage down between 200% and 400% you are able to see many ufos.

Nasa Techniques
used in concealing
the truth

-Trick photography
-Lenses with
-more curve
(fish Eye lens)
-Cutting off horizons
-False colors
-Low contrast
-High white light

I will be posting more of my research when I get it compiled.

If you don’t want to do the school work, why go to school. Many will not want to accept what they see with their own eyes, only because they believe the lie and are in denial. The evidence is undeniable.