This is what the uploader of this says

Now I am posting this because I too have discovered such matrix like shielding over the moon and sometimes in other locations. I was not aware others knew about such things already. This is real and it is not pixillation. It seems to be some sort of energy shield that grates a surface like structure, but usually during daylight is seen as normal, but as the light adjusts, the shield becomes visible at certain angles.

This also works just using a 10+ MP digital camera and holding it up to the screen tilting the lens slowly from a 90 degree angle to a 45 degree angle. This will also allow you to see many structures focused because the camera will re-focus the fuzziness of the photos. If you don't believe me, try this technique on the Apollo 15 panoramic index at

It does take a few hours to get good at it. Don't expect results in 5 minutes.