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Thread: The Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover -- Mars is NOT Red!

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    The Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover -- Mars is NOT Red!

    NASA recently uploaded a collection of color photographs (after they have received criticism for the first black and white pictures released to the public), allegedly sent by the Mars Rover Curiosity, where we can clearly see that the Martian soil is very alike ours, and not red at all -- just as many amateur astronomers pointed out in the past years.

    Here is an interesting 2008 video, showing an Earth-like, blue, atmosphere -- evidence of oxygen being present on Mars:

    What do you think of the pictures showing a storm-like fog at the horizon?
    The Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover -- Mars is NOT Red!-mars-horizon-curiosity-rover-jpg

    Could the "mist" be artificially added with a picture editing program, in order to hide a possible blue sky?

    Here are some un-photoshopped pictures of Mars from the previous missions (take a look at the sky before and after the pictures are returned to their original color!):

    The photoshopped pictures show the same mist over the horizon, but once they have been un-photoshopped the sky turned blue, clear and beautiful -- just like ours!

    - Read the Complete Article;
    - The Egyptian Pyramids in Correlation to Mars;

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    Re: The Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover -- Mars is NOT Red!

    I guarantee there's life on Mars. I've also always suspected that the images were either fake or altered. I'm still iffy on which it is, but I'm leaning toward the pictures being faked here on earth and edited to look like they are from another planet, and a hue put over them. It just doesn't look right. I've always said there was something "off" about any and all of the so-called Mars images. I really don't even think they have the rover there. I believe that the people who "launched" the rover believe that these images are from the rover, but I don't believe that they are.

    I'm glad someone took the time to "un-photoshop" the images. It at least gives SOME potential proof to what I've been yakking about forever.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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