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Thread: The Wisdom of the pyramid Sunday, March 22, 2009

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    The Wisdom of the pyramid Sunday, March 22, 2009

    The Wisdom of the pyramid
    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Even science has come to this conclusion that no two places in the universe, but that everything is in the same place, so everything should be. They can do this to this day still not prove, but they are to that conclusion. The Masters know this is long, by not separating the Life, but by itself it can be equated.

    Pyramids have is something mysterious in itself. Giants as they rise from the desert, and to this day is my still not sure how they have built the pyramids. However, the Wisdom of the shape of the pyramid know, know that the top of the pyramid, one universal point suggests. This is the central atom where all those people currently considered purely material came from his experience.

    The bottom of the pyramid (the earth), the material or physical existence for. People who are focused on the Christ consciousness within, lives to this one point where all time and space in one place - here - and a moment - now - is. The man who quit his awareness focused on the material existence, as it were pulls this one place and one time in many places and times, or space and time. If you create in your own consciousness the illusion of separation, where space and time there. This is what will light up the material as thinking.

    The approach of the image of God

    In my experience with the New Consciousness, the image (of God) does not change, but will look at the total picture change. I remember the day I was at the pond and the law understand that everything we see is actually in our own consciousness is that in its purest form of God consciousness. It was the clouds that I saw weerspigelt in the water of the pond that I did not understand that far removed you can, but that everything is in one place.

    Even science has come to this conclusion that no two places in the universe, but that everything is in the same place, so everything should be. They can do this to this day still not prove, but they are to that conclusion. The Masters know this is long, by not separating the Life, but by itself it can be equated.

    What scientists do is the physical existence approach from a pure physical position, which only the result, rather than the cause of life study. As they see only a glimpse of the inner workings of Christ to see. Thus they many findings which they to this day no explanation for it. Ever, the science and spirit come together, because eventually the same Life study, although from a different position to do.

    The rise of space

    In identification with the body do you think your example in the Netherlands because your body is there, but in fact you are the consciousness that this body is an expression of. You are so over, because your consciousness is everywhere. This consciousness is in its purest form God, and your body is the highest expression of this consciousness. It is the Temple of the Eternal Father Live miracles can be performed. As quoted Jesus: "From myself I can not, it is the Father in me, He does the works" and "even greater works like the one you have seen me finish, you will do."

    For this it is necessary that man the erroneous conception of a purely material life far behind late and on the reduction of the separated life around watching. See yourself not as a body, but as a spirit that expresses itself as a body. If you are like me will find that the illusion of space dissolves in your consciousness and you always are. This is the true knowledge of the I AM.

    If you think that a better life, the true Life, and also the only life and is the true whereabouts of the man. In this great, yet simple to understand there is a deep joy hidden you can only understand if you own them. I can only tell you that once this area have experienced unemployment at the place where you now is that so many illusions at the same time from your consciousness will be blown away.

    I said no longer: "What we are doing has been, but said only:" Where I am been doing. " The whole world was and just how I experienced them. As soon as I am, however aware of the finer vibrations awoke not only myself but also the nature around me. First, I do not, but I quickly saw that the free space just this awareness is not this body, but for me, the whole earth, yes, even the entire universe wakes. So I saw the unity of the Son with the Father.

    As the Father is everywhere, so the Son everywhere. It was fantastic! It seemed as if everything was turned inside out. Everything that used the image of the outer bore, the image of the interior where you see things as perfect, instead of the land which is only a temporary state of consciousness is for your eye. The image (of God) that I used to be merely the latest equipment and experienced, it was pure pure Spirit, where all live in harmony with one Law. I was born again into a new dimension.

    I saw that the Creation is not from top to bottom is created, but from the inside out. So I gradually experienced the unity with God. It is a joyful revelation when things are not as separate from you see, but everything as an expression of one Live Father.

    The animals, plants, people. First I dreamed about the new era. Once I had a wish that often simply about knowledge and understanding of wisdom, it was often me in a dream revealed. Dealing with people in the new era, the importance of nature, the disappearance of sensuality, but the deep calm and peace in the absolute knowledge that everything is God or Good.

    Jesus called God his Father ever since the Father of all Creation. In the belief of an external world seems far away the Father in Heaven to live where everything He carefully keep in mind. However, look deeper, you know that God is nowhere else than in the man himself, but the man himself which is understanding, and the ancient truth to understanding the unity between man and God. Not your ego, but you, your true self or Christ is one with the Father and with all the Love, Wisdom and Divine Understanding.

    It is only the belief in an area that we all had experienced as separate, and if God somewhere far away in Heaven poster. You understand that if you work in unity with God to live your identification with the ego and its human mind must let go. You'll realize that you are not your body but your body is the expression of God and so will your true self (which is always one with God) found in each Divine creation. But this is just the greatest fear and hostility of the ego: awareness.

    Awareness = The death of the ego

    If the Self (Christ) reigns in the human consciousness, the ego die. This die you do not have to be taken literally, although the ego will be so inwardly experienced. This is because the ego identifies itself with mere thought forms, in other words, who they think they are. Your profession, your money, your role in society, your name ... These are just thought forms the essence of true fully missed. If the identification with these thought forms' die 'than to die at the same time the ego.

    This is the true resurrection of the old thinking that worldly experience far beyond. I am the resurrection and the life are the words of the enlightened, the true unity with life, and therefore no longer identifies with thoughts and assumptions from a terrible blindness about the true life is created in the personality of the man .

    Is not this fantastic? Your old I stop, and in the place you get the whole life. This is what Jesus meant by: "He denied himself and follow me." You can not serve two masters. You can not simultaneously in the world of separation life, and also in the Unit with God. But many here are now just the 'wrong'. They confuse the world with the earth or the earth 'and often describe it as: here on earth, or in this world is all wrong.

    This is because their consciousness is still trapped in the spatial thinking, which they so identify with the body and the earth is separated from himself. If you are in the New Consciousness wake up, you will not change position or go somewhere else. It is your own consciousness that transforms making you see things as they really are, instead of including them in the past seemed to be. You must therefore not withdraw from the world, as you retreat to a mountain, or in your home.

    You need only the thought of a life to look for what it is, and you focused on God in you so that the new energy access and you on earth to build a better future for all humanity. No distant future in another dimension, but a future that always have volunteerism reveals inside yourself, and your environment. From my own experience I know that even at the first light rays other life form, and you experience a joy that you previously had no knowledge of. Solutions to problems where you previously never thought had potential in your consciousness.

    This is because your old self-darkness-the light is not known, and therefore the solutions are not seen. The light is not darkness and the darkness, the light not. So I call myself, no Master, but only a witness of the Light was so struck by the simplicity, and especially in the shelter of the Light. The Light is not far away in Heaven.

    The Light is with you, it is in you, closer to you than your hands and your feet. Further than your own breath, and yet, the man seen (yet). This is in my experience, mainly due to the misguided approach of the forms we see as separate items and therefore automatically a room in our own consciousness. Leer wisdom to know the Self, so that you know that Christ is the Holy Commitment to God in you, and you can experience Heaven and see what real life has in store for you.

    Only thus will the new consciousness - New Time - as in your conscience and the will of God made on Earth. How can God be different if he wants to be inside the man lives, but the man in harmony with the first principle. You will not lower yourself to the contrary. You will just be who you really are, and you will immediately recognize true even as you, Christ, God. Everything!

    © 2008 Inner Teaching.

    Original source: Inner Teaching

    Source: aquariusage
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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