Power and religion, the sublime combination
Saturday, May 2, 2009

Power and religion are the perfect combination. Religion caused unnatural separations between people of the division power benefits. Religion favors blind submission to authority. Religion reduces the personal responsibility for acts and minimizes the action eventually because everything bestirred God, forgive and make up. Atrocious acts can justify power under the name of God and testament.

Religion is based on myth formation. A myth is a widely accepted idea that in reality is false. Religion gives those who lie know, an unprecedented power for the manipulation of society. Religion functions as thought cage. It gives' God 'frameworks and rules laid out where you can not act. The religious myth is a story for guiding and mobilizing believers. It appeals to feelings of guilt and fear. This is not about the truth but the function of myth: the Mindset. The religious myth operates only when it is generally believed. The guardians of religion will not debate, they will ignore or punish. Such an atmosphere of myths and taboos responsive good faith, is a breeding ground for other 'myths'.

The Netherlands is still doorstepped this receptive atmosphere of trust, political correctness (= taboos) and credulity. "Young people are the most Calvinist Dutch. She beat 80-year-olds, "writes the Faithful following an investigation (Wedding April 29, 2009
Translated version of http://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/religie-filosofie/article2744467.ece/Jongeren_zijn_het_meest_calvinistisch_.html
, read: Article Anarchical about Calvin, serial killer").
Translated version of http://www.anarchiel.com/display/calvijn_seriemoordenaar_mensenhater_en_godsdienstw aanzinnige

Institutionalized religion should not be confused with spirituality, it usually means the end of the other. Religion actually fall under the large ismen, dogmatic "belief systems" that violence and oppression of dissenters rely on their only real truth as the occult-oriented fascism, totalitarian communism and neo-liberal capitalism driven by the 'holy' Friedman doctrine; ismen not humans but serve a power system, ismen like other belief systems full of symbolism and a high level there are manipulative.

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Translated version of http://www.anarchiel.com/display/macht_en_religie_de_sublieme_combinatie

Source: anarchiel