Your God or my God

Monday, May 18, 2009

Years ago I met the mother of a girlfriend of the lower school. It clicked and we occasionally drank coffee together. She was Christian and we had wonderful conversations. We understood each other and went deeper and deeper. To me one day while eating her cookie strict aankeek and said: "Marja, you are the devil!" I fresh licking me in my coffee and looked at her with incredulity. I thought it a joke ... but no ... Road was the right atmosphere and they almost tore me my coffee from the hands. "Yes, because you do not believe that Jesus is the only way." This was the end of our calls. The cake was.

And then the wonderful conversations I had with a woman who worshiped Krishna. We had so much in common and we floated along on waves of spirituality to them suddenly, with her outstretched finger threatening to me, said: "You should see Krishna as God, nothing else is true of your spirituality!"

I was acquainted with all kinds of directions: one was no sex and no onions, no meat in the other on Friday and in another you had to light the burner with cover tape on Saturday. God said to the one you had to bend to the east during prayer and the other that you should not pray but meditate. For some, that was five times per day and others three times. Others were a woman no hands and some had that. Two Buddhist friends looked at me with pity and said that I have not so far because I had left God is not separate. Well, what should you do? What is the truth?

You come home after this and your life is God. He looks angry at you and says: "On March 2, 1988 you've eaten an onion!" Or: "You have the light of the refrigerator to leave on February 3, 2004!" "You gevreeën on Saturday, December 10! Phew! "" You arc a lot to the south on March 2, 2005 and you still believed in me until the end, while I should have let loose a long time! "

Inside and outside all those movements get people that the rules are not so closely and that their hearts wide open already. Heat radiates towards me as I see them. I see that atheists who radiate love and the most terrible places to help people. I met ordinary people who are just on a bench in the park, life wisdom from books that do not come to anyone. People who, whether baptized or circumcised, love spread.

Rules and rituals are ways of connection with God to experience. If they are the majority, then they work as a blockade.

I know people who are terrified when they have violated a rule. There is always someone who raises a wicked judge, God's representative on earth. If we hurt in the name of God is the fact that our ego is hurt. We use God as leverage for our own struggle. We make God a caricature of our own hurt ego. God can not be offended if we violated a rule or if we mocked him.

Muslims are offended about cartoons and others are offended again, because the Muslims do not share. We are insulted us all and we think the most entitled to the victimization.

God or Allah, the source, or how he / she want to call it, is love. Fear blocks the experience of love. That love and power are always there. Simply by us to flow and use and pass it on. This is forever on. Sometimes we forget it and we know not where the door is. If we find him we just have to beat. How we do that we know.

There is a beautiful story of Osho that gets me every time: A guru sent his disciple to an uninhabited island with a mantra. After 20 years get the guru in a boat to the island and grow, to see how he goes. There is a cave the monk for his mantra to say. "Ai," says the guru shocked, "you say the wrong mantra." "Oh you," says the monk, "how was it again?" The guru is the right mantra and says that the monk now has to start . Mismoedig get him back into his boat and half at sea he: Splash splash ... If he omkijkt, he sees the monk across the water to be run: "What was the mantra again?"

Once I saw a picture of God as sun shines on all sides. Attract people with long ropes to him and shout: "He is ours!" "No, he is ours!" God withdrew some of nowhere and radiates quiet jets to everyone around him.

Source: odemagazine