Mysterious inscription discovered on bowl from time Jesus

Sunday, 2 August, 2009

Archaeologists during excavations in Jerusalem discovered a mysterious inscription on a stone bowl from the first century of Christianity.

Purification Ritual
"We have an inscription of ten lines in the old-Hebrew or Aramaic in a bowl discovered ostensibly for a purification ritual was used," says the British archaeologist Shimon Gibson.

"The oblique written letters are legible, but the text is very difficult to decipher," said the scientist from the University of North Carolina, which is also the author of the recently published book "The last days of Jesus: the archaeological evidence.

The cup was discovered near a site where a ritual spa excavations in progress. The site is located not far from the palace of Herod the Great and the Temple of Jerusalem in the year 70 was destroyed by the Romans.

"It is possible that this kind of chalice used by Jesus to wash his hands ritual for the last supper," thought the man, who emphasized how rare a title is. (afp / sam)