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Thread: Planned Koran Burning - Your views

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    Planned Koran Burning - Your views

    I think this totally unacceptable behavior and the fact that it is actually a church that organized this is simply appalling.

    taken from the BBC

    Koran-burning protests sweep Afghanistan

    Afghan protesters shout slogans during a protest in Kabul on 6 September 2010 Protests have been building all week in Afghanistan over the US church's plan

    Thousands of protesters have held anti-American rallies in provinces across Afghanistan over plans by a US church to burn copies of the Koran.

    Demonstrators burned a US flag and chanted "Death to Christians".

    Three people were shot and wounded when private security guards opened fire on stone throwers outside a Nato base in Badakhshan province, police said.

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    Re: Planned Koran Burning - Your views

    The fact that people wanted to burn a book belonging to another faith is wrong for many reasons, the main one being that they're supposed to be Christians and NOWHERE did Jesus tell us to Instill hate. We're taught to love, not to hate. Bearing in mind that we are of the "Flesh" and prone to make mistakes, I think forgiveness and understanding should be practised by everyone involved here.

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    Re: Planned Koran Burning - Your views

    Like the Danish Cartoons, burning of Holy qur'an has a political agenda. The Zionist, both Jewish and Christians, want to have a major clash between the Christian world and the Muslim world.

    However, due to their huge ignorance - the great majority of Christians don't know that Holy Qur'an is the only divine book which glorifies both Jesus and his mother Mary. Holy Qur'an has even dedicated an entire Chapter (Surah Marriam) to Jesus' mother. Furthermore, Holy Qur'an calls the true followers of Jesus' message as "People of Book".

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