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Thread: Will Time Travel to the past ever be physically possible?

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    Will Time Travel to the past ever be physically possible?

    Since little is known about time, it's hard to say. According to Stephen Hawking, it could be theoretically possible, yet physically impossible to travel forward in time. One theory involves beyond light speed travel. The other involves remaining in the event horizon of a black hole for an extended period of time. However, our bodies could never withstand either, we would be destroyed in the attempt. Here's the documentary for your viewing pleasure.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOezD5zguQo

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    Will Time Travel to the past ever be physically possible?

    it would take billions of years to do.... think, there would have to be another universe for every atom of a second.

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    Will Time Travel to the past ever be physically possible?

    Most scientist figure that a time machine is only good to the back date of when it is created.I personally believe that hidden deep in our DNA is the many generations of memory that date back as far as when our human DNA chain was created perhaps billion of years ago.I think this is why some people believe in past life memories. One reason I think this is because in Transplant recipients often take on some tastes, interests, etc of the person who died and donated the organ. For instance let say a person who died in life loved pizza and Rockin; Roll, The heart that was given to a young woman needing a heart transplant to live. suddenly this young woman who never liked pizza or Rockin roll develops those cravings. When meeting the donors family some times the information concurs with the Transplant patient that their separated loved one liked those things. Perhaps if you get a specialist in past life memories via hypnosis to open up the past to you.

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    Will Time Travel to the past ever be physically possible?

    Well I'm yet to see any evidence that humans will ever be able to time travel into the past. Where are all the time travelers?Also I think there are too many paradoxes, like the 'grandfather paradox'. What would happen if a time traveler went back and killed one of his or her ancestors before the traveler was born? If the person killed his or her grandfather, then how could that person be alive to go back and kill his or her grandfather? If we could change the past, it would create an infinite number of paradoxes.

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