WARNING! There are graphic pictures of mutilated human bodies. If you are sentitive to that kind of stuff do not watch!

UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014:

Published on 20 Mar 2014

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Fantastic work by Richard D Hall. A must watch! The phenomenon of animal mutilation is difficult to explain in conventional terms, and has been linked for decades with UFO's, because strange lights are sometimes witnessed in proximity to sites where animal carcases are found. But have human beings suffered similar attacks? This film attempts to answer this very controversial question. Rumours about human mutilation have circulated the UFO community for years with some people claiming to have had contact with a military group which is used to acquire the corpses of victims of human mutilation. In the film we reveal the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. This is the FULL MOVIE.