This guy has capture some great footage, i would love to see what else he would capture if he had update equipment. But he needs support as the equipment is expensive. He pan to share all the footage with the world, as he wants the change we all seek!

You may already know me as Crrow777 on You Tube. I began filming the moon, UFO's and chemtrails (chemtrails UFO's too) in 2012 and have a mind bending body of HD footage that you can view now on You Tube or Face Book. I am known globally as a video researcher with integrity. I am also the only known person to have filmed what may well be a holographic projection covering the moon as well as a chemtrail orb (UFO) firing a gun - twice! The question I will answer with this project effect the entire human race. After all, we do not even know the truth about our moon or why chemtrails fill our skies and attract UFO's. I will be the guy who changes this!
You can read all about this project here as well as support his project: