"Published on Jul 13, 2014
Heidi came up with the idea of bringing the UFO cover up, and Cover Up of Free Energy right to a bastion of "Science" or what in today's world a religious Dogma.

Accompanied by Ben Emlyn-Jones the Hospital Porter radio host. A simple 2 person protest from the morning to mid afternoon. Miles catches up just before the end, as off peak trains had to be caught, as this simple protest has a low budget.

An ex RAF Officer gave us his UFO Report, and asked" what happened to our report" showing the frustration of our military on how the UFO situation is mishandled by the powers that be.

A filmmaker also came and wants to do a film of Marie Kayali. Various tourists asked questions, as a single Police man kept a watch.

The UFO Skywatch on the Orme, a high rock, almost an island like Anglesea, sticks up over the Welse north coast. Interesting chat about the Berwyn mountains incident... oh and look out for that UFO!!!!

Closing with Hecto-Copter views of the Marlborough College where the Bases Project 1st International conference is being held in Aug 8th-10th 2014

Backed by a wise bastion of strong intelligent women this 1st conference will be a ground breaker, see thebasesproject.org webssite for details"

Orme UFO is discussed in the second half of the vid.